Winning Waves Slots

When life’s all about surfing and catching some rays while lounging out in the sun, it makes sense to try out Winning Waves slots. This classic slot from WGS is designed to be relaxing and simple to play through, and those are the things that make it appealing to us. We gave this online slot a full play through, and found some features that we enjoyed about Winning Waves.

Easy Wagering

Winning Waves has a multi-payline system for the jackpot sun symbol, but uses a very simple single bet system, unlike some other classic slot games. What that means is that you just set the one sole bet value and that’s your coin value. Once you choose your bet level, you’ll know what sort of payout you can expect from the different prize win combinations on the reels of this online slot. Set your bet value from as low as $0.01 all the way up to 10’s of dollars.

The Sun Symbol Payouts

It’s all about sunshine in Winning Waves. That’s because the biggest possible wins in this slot come from those sunny symbols. Get three of them anywhere on the reels and you’ll be enjoying an real nice payout. The best payouts come from the slanted or top or bottom pay lines with this symbol. It’s possible to win anywhere from 600 coins, up to 3,500 coins depending on what configuration the sun symbols are positioned in while you play this slot game.

Smaller Victories

Without the sun symbols there are still some halfway decent wins to be had. The 7 symbols and the BAR symbols offer payouts as well. Getting three 7 symbols on the main payline in the center pays out 250 coins. Getting BAR symbols pay out between 5 and 100 coins depending on if they all match and they are single, double or triple stacked. Either way, there are plenty of ways to win cash in Winning Waves.

Simple and Easy

Winning Waves is a very simple online slot game. IT comes with an auto play feature to help you turn through the reels time and time again without having to press Spin, but there aren’t many other features for you to learn when playing the slot. Get the basics down and you’ll understand where every payout is coming from the whole time that you play this slot. Betting is simple as well, so you can easily choose a value that you are comfortable with and get started gambling.

Winning Waves is a solid classic slot game with a nice theme. It offers decent payouts and simple betting mechanics. That’s why we recommend it to gamblers looking for a basic experience.