Trick or Treat Slots

Celebrate Halloween and all the holiday stands for with Trick or Treat slots from WGS. This simple online slot game shows off some pretty cool symbols while offering gamblers a few different ways to win as well. If you are interested in learning about our experience with the slot game, keep reading to find out whether we recommend the slot to new gamblers or not.

Basic Wagering

Since there’s only a single payline in this online slot game there aren’t many wagering options to worry about. It’s possible to risk between one and three coins on the center payline, and it’s up to you to decide how many coins you are going to place before you set their value. The maximum coin value is $10.00, which means that the top wager you can make in Trick or Treat slots is $30.00 per spin, which is pretty decent for the prizes that are paid out if you’re lucky enough.

Leveraging Multiplier Wilds

The witch symbol is a wild in Trick or Treat slots and it’s up to you to make use of this powerful symbol to increase the prize payouts that you can get from the game. A single wild along with some other paying symbols will result in a 2x payout over the standard amount. Two wilds along with another standard symbol will result in a 4x payout. Three wilds will trigger the jackpot payout, which pays nicely.

Winning the Jackpot

If you’re lucky enough to get three witch symbols across the center payline of Trick or Treat slots, you’ll be paid 800 coins per coin that you wagered. That means you could receive as much as 2,400 coins from your single wager on the slot game. That’s a value of up to $24,000 for the gamblers that aren’t opposed to wagering the maximum of $30.00 per reel spin. That’s a whole lot of cash on the line and something to get excited about.

Basic Gameplay

Trick or Treat slots is one of the simplest classic slot games that you’ll come across, though it does have a special bonus round. There’s a special bonus round where you are charged with making a quick decision to see if you can win extra cash or not. The bonus round is really basic, and most of the time that you play this slot you’ll just be looking to see if you get a winning symbol combination on the center payline of your slot game.

Trick or Treat slots is a fun little slot game that’s a good basic way to celebrate Halloween. If its that time of year again, or you just like the look of the slot game you could win some nice prizes from the slot. Give the game a try and see what you can get from it if you don’t mind classic slot gameplay.