Triple 10x Wild Slots

If you're interested in trying out a modern-day classic slot game, Triple 10X Wild is a unique blend of an old school slot format, and modern-day features that you could never find on older slot games. The result is a unique and fun slot experience that we were happy to test out. We did a full review on this slot game, and our results are listed down below. Read on to learn if Triple 10X Wild is the classic slot for you.

The Wagering Options

Triple 10X Slot comes in the 3-reel single payline format, and it allows gamblers to wager multiple coins on the only payline of the game. Gamblers can place between one and three coins on the payline, creating wagers between $0.01 and $30.00 in size, depending on their risk tolerance. If you're serious about online gambling, you should choose a wager limit that lets you play for a hundred spins or more, while still allowing you to win decent prize payouts from the slot game.

Multiplier Wilds on Steroids

The Wilds in Triple 10X Wild are seriously powerful and will be the tools that you use to win most of your big prizes. There are three wilds, a 3x, a 3x and a 10x. The 3x wilds show up on the first two reels, while the third reel is equipped with a powerful 10x wild. Each time a 3x wild helps complete a winning combination its value is tripled. Get two of the 3x wilds and you'll enjoy a 9x multiplier. Get a 3x and a 10x wild and enjoy a 30x multiplier. Get all three wilds and you'll trigger the jackpot for this game, which is impressively large.

Win a Serious Jackpot

The special wild symbols in this online slot game work to create a very powerful jackpot payout that you can leverage to win big. Get all three wilds and you'll win 10,000 coins per coin that you're wagering, all the way up to 30,000 coins for a three coin wager. That's worth as much as $300,000 to a gambler that's risking the top amount of $30 per spin while playing this slot game.

Simple and Easy

As long as you don't have trouble understanding how the wilds work in Triple 10X Wild slots, you should have no trouble understanding the slot game or how you can make the most of it. New players are able to pick up this slot in minutes most of the time, and they can get a lot out of the game over time. The game plays like a basic classic slot, meaning that you just have to spin the reels and hope that you'll win a prize in the end. There's nothing to it and any gambler should be able to go through the rounds without trouble.

Triple 10x Wild Slots is a pretty standard classic slot game with the potential to pay out some really nice top jackpots. It's easy to understand, but has enough features to keep things interesting for veterans of classic slots. In our opinion it hits the sweet spot for classic slot games and is at the top of our recommended list for classic slot players, or any gamblers that don't mind trying a classic slot game out.