Cash Cow Slots

Cash Cow is a farm-based slot game that focuses around special features like wilds, scatters, bonus games, free spins and more. There’s a lot going on in this slot, and that’s what makes it so interesting to play. If you’re looking for a slot that keeps things interesting and gives you something to enjoy while you gamble online, Cash Cow is an intriguing option. It offers a variety of special features and will keep you guessing on what’s going to happen each time you spin the reels.

Cash Cow Scatter

The Cash Cow scatter symbols are the heart and soul of this slot game, and they can help you trigger the biggest payouts from the slot. In order to unlock big payouts, you need to get as many scatter symbols as you can up to the top prize at 4. These scatters can show themselves anywhere on the reels, and when you get enough of them you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Two Cash Cow scatters pay 1%, three pay 10% of 12,500 coins and four give you the full 12,500 coins which is a huge prize. If you’re looking for a way to unlock the most money possible, you can do so with scatters in this slot game.

The Piggy Re-Spin

The piggy re-spin feature gives you more opportunities to win big while playing through rounds of Cash Cow. When you get this wild stacked up on reel 2 it will be held in place for a re-spin to try and unlock more prize payouts. This special re-spin feature gives you more opportunities to win prizes so that you’ll end up with more frequent wins and you can make even more money from the wild symbol.

Instant Prize Payouts

In Cash Cow there’s a special instant payout feature that you can trigger at any time. It’s called the Kooky Chicken feature and you just need to get a single chicken symbol on reel 3 of the slot. Get a single chicken and you’ll benefit from a 600 coin payout. That’s a lot of extra cash for you to unlock and it’s surprisingly easy to trigger this feature.

Random Free Spins

There is a free spin feature available in Cash Cow and it’s awarded randomly. Basically, while you’re playing the slot game there’s going to be a chance that you’ll get 10 free spins after each spin. Keep playing and you’re bound to run into this at least once or twice. The free spins add in more potential to win money from the slot game.