3X Wild Cherry Slots

3X Wild Cherry slot is one of the most popular classic slot games online today. That’s because this game offers many ways to win and it comes with a unique wild multiplier feature that you won’t find in many other classic slot games today. There’s a lot to like about this online slot game, which is why we decided to do a full review on it. Take the time to get to know the slot and you may decide that you like playing it as well.

Powerful Wild Symbols

The 3X wild symbols are the most important symbol in this slot game and they are the key to winning big, no matter what other symbols they work alongside. The wilds themselves can trigger the jackpot payout for this slot game, worth between 500 and 1,500 coins when you get three of them on the payline.

If you get wilds along with other symbols they will help you complete the prize and serve as a multiplier as well. A single wild with two other symbols will give you three times the payout, and two wilds with another symbol will give you nine times the payout when you win. That means you could win as much as 1,050 on the Bell symbols that usually pay out 150 coins if you get two wilds and a bell. It’s easy to see how these powerful wilds can really change the prizes that you win while playing 3X Wild Cherry, and that’s the main fun of this slot game.

Symbol Diversity

There are several different paying symbols in 3X Wild Cherry slots for you to look out for while you play this online game. Things like 7’s, Bells, BAR symbols, wilds, and more will all reward you with paying prizes. With all these different paying symbols it’s common to get winning combinations often and you’ll look forward to a range of different symbols as you play. This makes the game more enjoyable even when you aren’t winning a prize, and you’ll feel more likely to win while playing.

Simple and Fun

3X Wild Cherry is an easy online slot game with basic features that you can learn to understand in just a few minutes with the game. Once you get started with the slot, you’ll learn about the best paying combinations and you’ll learn to understand how the wilds work. After you do that you’ll know all about the slot and will be comfortable playing round after round. Even those new to gambling or slots can pick up this slot quickly, and it’s perfect for gamblers that want a classic experience with just a bit of extra features.

There’s a Jackpot

3X Wild Cherry has a special Jackpot symbol that will trigger the progressive jackpot if you manage to get three of them, no matter how many coins you are wagering. Get the special symbols across the reels and you’ll be looking at a progressive win worth as much as the figure listed at the top of the slot game. The longer you take to win this jackpot, the larger it will grow in size as well.

3X Wild Cherry is a fun online slot game with decent jackpot payouts and an interesting wild system that makes winning even more exciting. Any classic slot aficionado will want to try the slot out at least once, and many will come back to it again and again for its excitement and excellent prizes.