What is a random number generator?

A random number generator is an integral and important part of any online or mobile casino. The random number generator also known as an RNG, is what controls the games and without it, the player would not be able to play the games. It is a computer-generated program that randomly throws out numbers, symbols and so on for each game and in this way controls the winning patter of a game. It is best explained with slots games. The slots are given a payout percentage which means that after a certain number of spins the overall payout will be the percentage number of the payout. If the payout is 97% this means that over the period of a year the player will win back 97% of his winnings if he players constantly on that game and no one else plays the game. How it is insured is by the random number generator that is programmed to give out this percentage payout. The random number generator guarantees that each game is fair play and that the casino is not cheating its players. Without a random number generator there would be no guarantees of winning payouts and not guarantees for the fair gaming of the casino and games.