The definition of bankroll when referring to online casinos is the amount of money that a player has available to him to use on the different casino games. The amount of the bankroll is a personal matter, but it should never exceed what is affordable for each individual. The bankroll can be sent to the casino all in one go or the player can send it in parts according to how much he wants to place in bets each day. Separating the bankroll into different parts for daily play will help the player keep control over the amount that he spends and ensure that he does not overspend. It is a mistake to include any winnings as part of the bankroll since they are not. The player can reinvest his winnings in the bankroll if he wants but should definitely keep note of it. Making the most of the bankroll is deciding in advance how much of it he wants to spend on each of the different casino games. If the player is only interested in slots, then he should review the different games that attract his attention before deciding how much to spend on each game. If he wants to play table games and video pokers, then it is a good idea to check the different betting options for the games he wants to play before deciding how to divide up his funds. Being sensible with a bankroll and spreading it out is the best use of the money dedicated to gaming.