Return to Player

The return to player more commonly known as the RTP at an online or mobile casino is not the amount that the player will get back on every bet that he places but it is the amount that the casino will pay out over a period of time. There is a big difference in the definitions and players often get confused. The RTP is not for every bet placed it is over time and it is usually charted by casinos over the period of a year. If for example the RTP is 97% that means that over the period of one year, playing the same game, the player will get back 97% of his money. But because payouts from casino games are totally at random there is no guarantee that this can happen and often the opposite will happen where the player receives a lot more than he invests in the casino game. Since each game is based on luck, it is very difficult to predict what the payouts will be, but one thing is for sure the higher the percentage return to player that is detailed, the higher the chance a player has to win. Different games have different RTP's and there is also an overall amount given by the casino which is based on an average of the whole casino. The RTP does give players an indication of how generous the casino is and what the player can expect when playing at the casino over time.