Which pokies are ideal for you to play?

In a perfect world all the answers to every question are available but unfortunately, we still do not live in a perfect world. Playing pokies is a pastime and it should never be taken too seriously, it is a mistake to think that you will definitely make your fortune when playing pokies even though there are some lucky players. Pokies are all about luck and the luck can come and go. The payout percentage that is detailed at casinos online and land-based casinos is a percentage worked out usually over the period of a year so it does not mean that if you place bets of $100 you will receive 97% when the payout percentage is 97% at the casino. The name pokies comes from a mixture of poker and video poker games supposedly but there is no real proof of this.

Choosing Pokies

Choosing pokies is a personal matter since every game is different. There are pokies with three reels and pokies with five reels and there are pokies with no set paylines just winning ways. Some games have progressive jackpots and others have set winning options. Luckily apart from viewing the games online or on mobile devices before placing real money bets, each game can also be played in fun mode at the different online casinos. The fun mode helps the player decide which games he wants to play and gives him a chance to get to know the different features of the game. Each game has its own bonus options that could just be a wild that substitutes and multiplies payouts or there could be other symbols such as a scatter or bonus symbol that lead to further bonus payouts. There are on and off-screen bonuses that contribute to the winning payouts and each game will give different options for winning further payouts. It is a good idea to review the pay table of a game before choosing which one to invest in, the details of the pay table will help the player to understand how he can win and what he is hoping for. Another way to help choose which pokies to play is to check out the different themes of each game. Each game has its own theme, and this can be anything from historical adventures to adventures in outer space or nature or fantasy experiences. Often through the pokies games, the player can learn more about a certain culture or time in history and this will definitely help him make the decision of which game to play. The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong when choosing which pokies to play. Every game is different, and every game offers winning payouts at different levels that are also affected by how much the player can place in real money bets. The idea behind the pokies and all casino games it to have fun and at the same, if lucky enough, win some money. It is important to remember this when choosing which pokies to play and also to understand the whole system of how they work.