Salsa Slots

Salsa is a Mexican themed video slot game with a simple name. It shows off a vibrant sky and a couple of colorful characters at the sides of the reels. On the reels themselves you’ll see the man and women characters showing themselves once again, along with cacti, armadillo, peppers, alcohol, ukuleles and more. Overall the slot has a very distinct image and it’s an exciting experience to play it. We were impressed with the game when we played through it and decided to put together a complete review of the game for everyone to enjoy.

Placing a Wager

The start of any slot play session is placing the bet and it’s a decision that every gambler must make. In Salsa there are many different bets that can be placed, so it’s important to choose wisely before starting a play session. Begin the game by deciding on the number of paylines to wager on, from 1 to 25. Then move on to choosing a coin value for each of those lines. The values can be set between $0.01 and $10.00. Choose the value and start playing. The different options make it possible to wager between $0.01 and $250.00 per spin in Salsa, making it simple for most gamblers to play comfortably.

Wilds and Scatters

Salsa features 25 paylines that can be in play at any given time. It also comes with wilds and scatter symbols that make it easier than ever to win prizes while playing. Because of all these different features, it’s surprisingly easy to win prize payouts while playing Salsa. Most gamblers will win prizes every few rounds, though most of them will be quite small. To win a prize players only need to get two or more scatter symbols, and they can show up anywhere on the reels, it makes no difference. Scatter wins start at 1x the bet amount and climb all the way up to 100x the bet amount, creating some impressive wins.

Win Big

It’s possible to win as much as 5,000 coins by getting five of the wild symbols while playing Salsa. That might not sound like that big of a win, but when you consider that those wilds can be worth as much as $50,000 it’s easy to see how big of a deal that is. Serious gamblers could walk away with a lot of money from Salsa, and the game is designed to pay out frequently enough for most gamblers to get many wins in a single session.

The Salsa Feature

Salsa comes with a special bonus feature that can be triggered by getting three or more scatter symbols. In this bonus game you’re given three rounds to play through. In these rounds it’s up to you to match up symbols. Get three matching symbols and you win the prize amount that’s multiplied by your total bet amount. This bonus game is easy to play and adds an extra element to Salsa the slot game.

Salsa has all the things that make a decent video slot. It has a good theme, it has a decent set of features and offers a fast-paced play experience that makes it enjoyable to go through the rounds of the game. Players that give it a try are usually impressed with what it has to offer.