Gold of the Gods Slots

Gold of the Gods is an online video slot game designed after the ancient gods and stars. The game has some pretty basic looking symbols, but it offers an interesting bonus and some decent payouts as well, and for those reasons we gave it a complete review down below. Read on to learn more about this fine slot game.

Betting Flexibility

We enjoyed all the wagering flexibility that Gold of the Gods offers to its players. This online slot game has a total of 25 paylines, and each one of those lines can be wagered on, but doesn't have to be. That means that gamblers can wager between 1 and 25 times. The wager amount that you go with can be adjusted as well in Gold of the Gods. It's possible to bet a low amount with the minimum wager of $0.01 per payline that's active. It's also possible to wager as much as $10.00 per line that's active. This creates the total betting range of $0.01 to $125.00. That offers gamblers plenty of wiggle room when it comes to placing a wager, and makes it simple to bet an amount that's comfortable every single time.

Winning Big

When playing Gold of the Gods it's possible to win as much as 10,000 coins on a single spin with help from the wild symbols. Get five wilds and you unleash the maximum fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins. This is a colossal win and very exciting overall. The top tier jackpot is worth as much as $50,000 to gamblers that are wagering the top line bet while playing, and even lower wagers will still offer some pretty solid wins from this top jackpot amount.

Gambling with Autoplay

Gold of the Gods comes with an Autoplay feature that makes wagering over long periods more convenient. It's possible to set a spin amount and to get the reels turning for the number of turns that you set up. You can go through dozens or even hundreds of spins without ever pressing the spin button with Autoplay, and that makes it a very powerful feature indeed.

A Special Eclipse Bonus

There's a pretty cool Eclipse bonus round in Gold of the Gods, giving you more chances to win some good cash while playing the game. This bonus round is triggered by getting three or more scatter symbols out on the reels. Do that and you'll be looking at a screen full of tablets for you to choose from. Choose the stone tablets that you think are best and you'll unlock a range of prizes. You can get free spins, multipliers and cash payouts from the tablets in the bonus round. You could also turn over a sun symbol and end the round right then and there.

Gold of the Gods is a pretty simple video slot game, but it's fun to play through and it offers some decent payouts. The bonus round keeps things interesting as well and many gamblers look forward to triggering it as they play through the rounds.