Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X is a new and exciting online slot game that's designed to cater to classic slot gamblers most of all. If you enjoy a good classic slot game, then you'll love what this game has to offer you. We were intrigued by the unique theme of this slot game, but also impressed with the different prize offerings and bonuses made available from the game once we got started with it.

Wagering Options

Goblin's Gold Wild X only has a single payline, which means that you don't have a huge number of wagering options available to you, but that doesn't mean you don't have some flexibility to work with. You can wager between one and three coins on that single payline, and your coin value can be adjusted from a low of $0.25 and a high of $5.00. That means you can effectively wager between $0.25 per spin to $15.00 per spin. That's enough of a range to make many gamblers happy, but those wanting to wager at the lowest levels or the highest levels will be a bit disappointed.

Winning with the 3X Wild

This slot game features a powerful wild that will help you win more regularly and also improve the amount of money that you win from this slot game. Winning with this powerful 3X symbol involved will triple the prize payout that you get from the slot. Winning with two 3X symbols will give you a 9X prize payout. Either way, when these special wilds show up on the reels you know you have a whole lot of money coming your way.

Money Jackpot Payout

The biggest win that you can get from this online slot game is through the money symbols on the reels. Get three money symbols and you'll unlock a massive payout worth between 1,500 coins and 6,000 coins depending on how many coins you are wagering when you spin the reels. The prize payout could be worth as much as $30,000 if you're wagering the maximum amount for three coins. That's a pretty exceptional prize, especially for a standard classic slot.

Winning the Jackpot Payout

Goblin's Gold Wild X offers a special jackpot payout that you can unlock by getting three of the 3X symbols out on the reels at the same time. Do that and you could be looking at a massive 2,500 coin fixed payout jackpot. That's worth up to $12,500 if you're wagering the maximum amount while playing the slot, which is an excellent payout for a classic slot game.

Even though on the surface Goblin's Gold Wild X seems like a pretty standard classic slot game, it actually has some complex features that make it more interesting to play. Between the the two jackpot reward payouts and the special wild enhanced payouts you have a lot to look forward to while going through round after round of this slot game.