Eastern Dragon Slots

Eastern Dragon is a pretty simple Oriental themed video slot game with a very cool looking dragon symbol in the game itself. It's not an overly crazy slot, but we liked the clean layout and the unique symbols that you do see on the reels enough to give the game a full review. While looking through the features of the game and giving it a complete test we were impressed with what it has to offer. Read on to learn more about this slot and whether it's really worth testing out for you.


There are 20 lines in Eastern Dragon and you can place wagers on all of them or just some of them depending on the amount of cash that you have to risk. You can place a maximum wager of $5.00 on each line, and it's possible to bet on 20 lines at once, giving you a top wager of $100 when playing this slot.

Watch for the Dragons

The dragon symbol is the coolest of all in this online slot game, and it's the one to watch out for as well. That's because if you do manage to land a dragon symbol you'll enjoy a wild to help you complete more prize wins, and any prizes that it helps complete will be doubled in size. Those are two very beneficial features in one, and you can use them to your advantage to get as much cash out of Eastern Dragon slots as possible.

Excellent Free Spins

Most of the big wins in Eastern Dragon come from the free spin round of this slot game. Getting a wild on reels one and five will trigger the free spin round to start up. The free spin round comes with a total of 15 free spins, and any wins that occur during one of those spins will be tripled in size. That's something pretty exciting to think about and it's certainly worth shooting for. While going through all the free spins there is also a chance for triggering the spins once again, to do so you just need to get wilds in the same 1 and 5 positions again and you'll be all set with free spins again.

Using Auto Play

Long-time gamblers are likely familiar with autoplay already, but Eastern Dragon offers an Auto Play button to keep the reels spinning without pressing any buttons at all in the process. This feature is helpful to gamblers that don't want to take much time to worry about pressing buttons while gambling. It can be configured to go through different numbers of spins before stopping for maximum convenience.

Eastern Dragon is a simple online slot game, with a couple cool features that make it worth testing. The multiplier dragon and the powerful free spin round will give you plenty to look forward to while going through different rounds of this game.