The Reel Deal Slots

The Reel Deal slot game is a slot themed after getting rich beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a fun looking slot game, but does it really offer the substance that we want out of a long-term slot game? That’s what we want to find out. The below review of the Reel Deal slot game helps to uncover what all the game has to offer and makes it easier to understand whether it makes sense to play the slot or not.

Placing a Wager

Placing a bet is an important step to follow through for any serious gambler. If you want to bring in as much cash as you can, you need to bet the most money that you can without going overboard. In the Real Deal there’s wager limits between $0.01 and $10.00 per pay line. There are 20 pay lines overall, giving gamblers a range of just $0.01 to $200.00 per spin. That’s a good range to work with and it’s pretty comfortable overall.

A Huge Max Jackpot

While few video slot games break the $100,000 mark with their fixed jackpot payouts, the Reel Deal does just that with a maximum jackpot payout of 10,000 coins. This could be worth as much as $100,000 with a top wager while playing the game, and that’s a very exciting feature of the slot. This jackpot is unleashed by the gold bar wild symbols. Get five of them in a row to trigger this top jackpot.

Seriously Good Scatters

The scatters in the Reel Deal pay really nicely if you are lucky enough to get four or five of them out on the reels. Four scatters are worth 100 times your total wager, which could be as much as $20,000 with a top wager, and five scatters are worth 1000 times your total wager or a maximum of $200,000 if you are wagering as much as possible.

Not only do the awesome scatters lead to huge potential payouts, they also unlock free spins that you can win even more from. During the free spin round, you get 15 free spins and every single win that you get is doubled in value. That means you have even more money to try and win.

The Bonus Round

The Reel Deal slot game also has a cool bonus round that you can unlock by getting three or more golden briefcase symbols. During the game you choose from one of 6 different cases, trying to get the best offers that you can. After making a decision you can accept or reject an offer and move on to try and get the best payout that you can.

The Reel Deal is a cool theme show based slot game that’s a lot of fun to play through. There is a lot of money on the line for the amount that you risk, which makes this game very rewarding potentially. There aren’t many other slots that pay out quite as much in prizes, which is why we recommend this slot to serious gamblers.