Mine all Mine Slots

Mine All Mine is a mining video slot game that focuses on a single prospector trying to find the most valuable treasure that he can while down in the mine. He’s looking for gold, and it’s up to you to try and help him out. AS you play through the rounds you’ll be searching down through the mine, and there are even some instances where you’ll be taking a look at symbols uncovered by dynamite tossed down by the miner. There are some cool animations in this slot, and decent features. Read on to learn more about the game and what it offers gamblers.

Massive Betting Potential

It’s possible to lay down truly staggering wagers in Mine All Mine the online slot game, which is why we thoroughly recommend this slot game to high stakes gamblers that enjoy making large wagers in slot games. The minimum wager that can be made is $0.25 per spin, and that’s by placing a single $0.01 coin on each of the 25 paylines in this slot game. It’s possible to wager between one and five coins on each of the 25 paylines in this slot game, and with a maximum wager of $5.00 per line, it’s possible to wager as much as $625.00 per spin in Mine All Mine slots. That’s more than you can wager on most other online slot games today, and it makes this one particularly valuable to play.

A Powerful Progressive Jackpot

Mine All Mine comes with a nice progressive jackpot payout that fluctuates depending on the level that you trigger while playing the game. This slot game has three different jackpot levels, bronze, silver and gold, and each of them can be triggered randomly at any time. It’s possible to win thousands of dollars off any of the jackpots, but the top one will pay out even more handsomely with tens of thousands of dollars in prize money at stake.

Scatter Free Spins

In Mine All Mine there is a free spin feature that’s simple to trigger. Get three or the prospector scatter symbols and you’ll start going through your 10 free spins. During each of those free spins the miner can show up and toss down dynamite transforming some of the symbols into gold nugget symbols instead. For this reason it’s much more likely to land a jackpot prize of 1,000 credits per credit wagered for a maximum of 5,000 credits if you are wagering the top amount while playing the slot game.

Mine All Mine has a few very nice looking symbols and a character that you can really come to like, not to mention some pretty darned nice payouts as well. Whether you’re hoping to win the progressive jackpot, or shooting for one of the fixed jackpot payouts, there’s a lot to like about this slot game when it comes to winning cash.