Magic Carpet Slots

If you’re at all familiar with the story of Aladdin, Magic Carpet slots will look familiar to you. The palace, the magic carpet, the genie, they all look like symbols straight out of the Aladdin films from Disney, or one of the many books made about the story. Sure the game isn’t designed to be exactly the same as Aladdin, but it’s similar enough to appeal to fans of the story and all that it stands for. This online slot game is cool looking and that’s the only reason that we decided to review it to begin with. We were pretty impressed after looking through what the game has to offer though, keep reading to learn more.


There are 25 pay lines in Magic Carpet slots and it’s up to you to make the most of each of those lines. The high number of lines means that you’ll win payouts more often, but it also means you’ll need to spend more when placing higher wagers. It’s up to you how many of the lines you want to wager on, but each of those lines can have a wager from $0.01 and $10.00. That means you can bet $0.01 up to $250.00 per spin, giving you a lot of options to work with when playing Magic Carpet.

Look for the Genie Wild

The Genie symbol shows up on the middle three reels of this slot game giving you more chances to unlock prizes as you play along. The symbol will sub in for everything other than scatter symbols and you’ll find yourself creating all sorts of prizes with help from the genie symbol as you play through a few rounds or more.

Just an Okay Top Jackpot

The jackpot payouts of some slots really wow us, ,while others seem mediocre at best. We weren’t impressed with the top fixed jackpot offered by Magic Carpet slots, but that’s because they were only worth 4,000 coins. That’s a decent payout, especially considering that it can be worth $40,000 with a top wager, but it’s still limited considering the 10,000 coin jackpots that some slots payout. Fortunately there is a free spin round that makes up for it.

Magic Carpet Free Spins

You’ll always be on the lookout for the magic carpet symbol while playing Magic Carpet slots. That’s because getting just one of these symbols is enough to unlock the special free spin bonus round of this slot game. Once you get one of the symbols, you’ll get 15 free spins where you can win even more than you can in the standard rounds of the game. That’s because prize payouts are tripled with every free spin. That means the 4,000 coin jackpot is transformed into a 12,000 coin jackpot, which is a whole lot more exciting if you ask us.

Magic Carpet is a very nice looking slot game and is perfect for fans of Aladdin that want a slot themed after the movie or the books. It doesn’t have the biggest payouts of any slots that you’ll find, but it does have decent features that make it worth trying out at least once.