Klondike Fever Slots

We weren’t too impressed by Klondike Fever on first glance, but we’ve been told that it offers a few features that make it worth playing. That’s why we decided to review Klondike Fever and post up a complete review of the slot online here for all to read about. If you’re interested ni this somewhat bland looking slot, take a moment to read all about it. There are a few features that make this slot worth playing in our opinion.

Affordable Wagering

Since Klondike Fever has just 5 pay lines, it doesn’t cost as much to place a top wager in this slot game while having all the lines open for you to win on. Of course, the low number of pay lines also means that fewer wins come in from this slot game. Anyway, the top wager in this slot is just $50.00, which is going to be too low for some high rollers. The minimum wager on a single line is $0.01, making it possible to play for a single penny if you don’t mind only having one of the lines active while you play. No matter what size your bank roll is, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of playing Klondike Fever if you wager the right amount of cash before getting started.

Huge Jackpot

The main benefit that Klondike Fever has to offer serious gamblers is the massive top jackpot of 10,000 coins or up to $100,000 in cash with a top wager. That huge payout is possible with just a $50 wager, and that means that more gamblers will be able to go for the huge win while playing this slot than they could at other slots with more paylines.

Auto Play

The Auto Play feature is the only advanced mechanism that this slot game has to offer gamblers. It’s possible to turn on the auto spin to go through a certain number of rounds without you having to spin the reels yourself. This feature goes quickly and it will shut itself off if you win a large enough jackpot payout as well. You need to set the jackpot cutoff for the feature to work though.

Super Simple

Klondike Fever is one of the simplest slot games that you’ll encounter online while still playing a video slot, and that’s another thing that we really like about it. There aren’t any wilds, no scatters and no other special features really. Forget about learning about bonus features and all that. Instead, you can just spin and try for one of the simple combinations to win a prize. For gamblers that want simplicity, Klondike Gold is awesome.

Klondike Gold makes it easy to get started gambling online. You don’t need to be an exert at placing wagers to get the most out of this slot game. Whether you are new to online gambling, or just looking for a simple slot experience, there’s much to love about Klondike Fever. Give it a try today to see what it’s like for real.