Wataa Slots

When you’re a Kung Fu master battling ninjas everyone will take you seriously. That’s exactly what Wataa!!! Slots are all about. This online slot game features training dummies, expert Kung Fu masters, and a cool collection of bonuses and exciting payouts. Read on to learn more about the slot and why we decided to review it in the first place.

A Good Wagering Setup

At the beginning of any play session at Wataa!! it’s important to set your wager amount. This amount can be small or large and is all based on your preferences when it comes to gambling limits. Set the game to the lower limit and risk just $0.25 per spin. Set it up to the top level and risk $250.00 per spin. There are 25 paylines overall and they are all active each time you spin the reel. This gives you good chances of winning cash with each spin, and it means that there are many different ways to win while playing Wataa!! slots.

A Mid Level Jackpot

The Ninja symbols are your key to getting the most out of this online slot game. Get five of them and you’ll receive the top jackpot offered during the standard rounds of Wataa!! with 5,000 coins paid out overall. That’s up to $50,000 if you’re betting the maximum amount of cash with this slot game, and that’s certainly something to get amped up about. If you like playing high stakes slot games you’ll enjoy the decent top prizes paid out, but it’s only during the special rounds of Wataa!! that you’ll have a chance to win some really huge prizes.

Dual Wilds

There are two different wild symbols in Wataa!!, the Trevor and Charlie symbols. These symbols appear on either reels 1 or 5 and will substitute for all but the scatter symbols. Get them along with other symbols to win payouts more frequently and make use of these special symbols to win as much cash as possible along the way too.

Trevor or Charlie Free Spins

Landing three or more of the burger scatter symbols will put you into a free spins round in Wataa!! slots, but you have a decision to make once the round starts up. You can choose to go with Trevor or Charlie. Going with Trevor will give you 15 free spins where the Trevor symbol serves as a wild with a 5x, 8x or 10x multiplier. During this round it’s possible to win as much as $500,000 if you get a top jackpot and the highest multiplier as well.

If you go with the Charlie free spin round, you’ll receive 15 free spins but there won’t be any multiplier at all. Instead each time the Charlie symbol shows up on the reels players receive between 1 and 3 free spins. This special free spin feature can extend itself dramatically and lead to long chains of free spins with a bit of luck.