Mile High Slots

Mile High slot is all about love up in the sky. It features kissing bonuses and has a whole bunch of colorful symbols that can be connected with flying on an airline. There are pilots, stewardesses, lipstick imprints, wine glasses and more. The backdrop of this slot game is absolutely beautiful with a bright sunny sky, and it’s just a feel good slot game from start to finish. That doesn’t mean it’s a good slot for everyone though, and we’re about to tell all about this slot in our review so you can make up your own mind about Mile High slots.

Two Different Wilds

There are two different wild symbols in this slot game, the Man and the Stewardess. They both can unlock more prizes for you and work to complete prize payouts, but they appear on different reels. The man will show up on reel 2 while the stewardess will show up on reel 4.

Place Your Bet

In Mile High there are 15 paylines and on those lines you can set your wager amount between $0.01 and $5.00. You can turn lines on and off and it’s up to you how much you risk with each spin of the reels. The minimum wager amount is just $0.01 and the maximum is $75.00. There’s a lot of wiggle room to wager within and most standard gamblers will be happy with the wagering options that they have available to them.

Kiss Kiss Boom Bonus Game

Getting three or more of the kissing symbols is what it takes to unlock the special bonus game in Mile High slots. With three kiss symbols you’ll have the chance to try and pick out a prize payout. Choose one of the kiss symbols and you’ll reveal a prize that’s worth up to 50x your bet amount. Once you choose your prize all the other prizes will be revealed so you can see if you chose right or not.

Three Different Free Spin Rounds

The Airline scatter symbols pay out a nice prize of up to 200x your wager amount, but those scatters are good for more than just a basic payout. They can unlock the free spin rounds of Mile High as well. Getting three or more scatters will trigger the free spin rounds to begin. There are three different options to pick from when you get started. The first is 12 free spins where each wild comes with a 2x multiplier and together they are worth 4x. The second is 8 free spins with 3x wilds and 9x together. The last is five free spins with 4x wilds and 16x payouts together. With the highest payout you could win as much as 128,000 coins, easily maxing out the amount of cash that you can get from this slot game. With massive top payouts available from Mile High slots, and plenty of interesting features to keep the game moving along, there’s a lot to love about this slot. It looks nice and we’re inclined to recommend it to everyone that cares to try it.