Arctic Queen Slots

Arctic Queen is a video slot game that celebrates the beauty of the northern Arctic while showing off a beautiful woman in the process. This slot shows off peaks of ice, igloos, a beautiful native woman as well as husky dogs that all come together to create a picturesque slot experience. We love the look of this slot game and that is why we’ve reviewed Arctic Queen down below.

The Wagering Limits

With 25 pay lines that can be turned on and off, there are lots of options to pick and choose from when it comes to wagering in Arctic Queen slots. You can turn on all of the pay lines, or turn it down to just one pay line. You can decide to bet big with a $10 bet on each line, or you can play it safe with $0.01 on each line. The choice is yours and there are lots of different options to work with. Low stakes gamblers will sit at the $0.01 limit comfortably per spin, and high stakes players can go up to $200 or even $250 for some serious gambling.

Just an Okay Jackpot

The top jackpot in Artic Queen is worth just 5,000 coins. That’s a value of up to $50,000 which isn’t too bad, but it’s not amazing either. Fortunately, this online slot game comes with a free spin round that triples the value of all payouts, and that’s where the truly monstrous prizes become available. If you want to win a serious amount of cash you’ll want to look out for the free spin rounds in Arctic Queen slots.

A Beautiful Slot Game

Arctic Queen is a truly stunning online slot game with beautifully designed symbols that are vivid in design. The backdrop of this slot game is a cascade of colors on a deep black sky backdrop and it shows the real beautify of the Northern Lights. It’s hard not to like this slot game just going off the way that it looks, and that will draw in a large number of players.

Northern Lights Free Spins

Most of the best online slot games today offer some sort of bonus game. In the case of Arctic Queen there’s a free spin round for you to play through. This free spin bonus only gives out 8 free spins, but all prizes paid out during the rounds are tripled. With a top prize payout of 5,000 coins during the standard rounds, that means you can win as much as 15,000 coins during the free spin round or a top jackpot payout of $150,000 if you are wagering the limit.

Arctic Queen doesn’t offer the best payouts or bonuses of any online slot game that you can try out today, but it does offer some pretty decent features and it’s beautiful to look at. If you want to make the most of an online slot game, you’ll like the look of this online slot and the payouts are good enough to give it a try or two as well.