King Tiger Slots

King Tiger slots is an online slot game that focuses around a jungle theme. There’s a wide variety of animals that show up against a lush backdrop image. The slot looks pretty nice on the surface and we were even more impressed with its feature set after taking a good look at the online slot. We take the time to list off the pros and cons of this slot game down below, so keep reading to learn more.

Wagering in King Tiger

Getting started in King Tiger slots is as simple as placing a wager. Choosing the amount that you want to risk really comes down to the size of your bankroll and personal preference, but we were impressed with the betting range offered by King Tiger. Low stakes gamblers are free to drop wagers all the way down to $0.01 if they really want to stretch a dwindling bankroll. High stakes players that want to make the most of this slot game can go up to $10 per reel for a maximum wager of $250 per spin. That offers the potential for some seriously good prizes, but also puts players at more risk to lose great sums of money while gambling.

A Stacking Wild

The Tiger head symbol is the powerful wild in this slot game and it comes stacked most of the time. That means that you’ll likely get more than one wild out on the reels at a time, increasing the chances of winning money with help from wilds. The wilds show up on the central three reels and are powerful enough to trigger quite a few wins during most play sessions.

Look for the Elephant

In King Tiger the animal symbols are the most valuable of all and you should be looking for them each time you spin the reels. Of all the animals, the elephant symbol carries the most raw value. That’s because if you get five of these symbols you’ll walk away with 5,000 coins. That’s a lot of money no matter what your wager level is, but if you’re playing at thef top end of the gambling level you’ll come away with $50,000 with five elephant symbols. Even at lower levels you could be looking at tens or hundreds of dollars from this powerful symbol.

Flower Free Spins

King Tiger doesn’t come with a huge number of special features as you play through the rounds, but this slot game does have a free spin round that makes it a bit easier to win some decent prize payouts. To trigger the free spin round, you need only get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Doing so will launch you into 10 free spins all with triple payouts for you to make use of. That’s a lot of extra cash potentially, and the free spin rounds also offer the biggest fixed payouts for King Tiger, making them much more exciting to play.

King Tiger is another simple online slot game, but it has enough features to be worthwhile to play around with. The slot doesn’t have any sort of high powered bonus, and the wilds don’t multiply your winnings, but with the tripled wins during free spins and the stacked wilds that you get during standard gameplay, there’s a lot to be won from this online slot game. Give it a try and you’ll quickly see that there’s a lot to like.