Agent Cash Slots

Have you ever wanted to become a secret agent and go on international spy missions? Of course you have! That's what makes Agent Cash such a cool online slot game. Not only will it make you feel like an important spy going through mission after mission, but it will also give you all the tools that you need to win some really good cash payouts. IT doesn't hurt that the slot game uses a full collection of custom symbols that look nice either. Keep reading to learn our thoughts on this online slot and whether it's a good fit for you or not.


The most important consideration of an online slot game is the wagering limits that you can make use of. In this slot you are free to place large or small wagers depending on what you are comfortable with. There are 30 pay lines in all, and you can turn them on and off at will. With all but one of the lines off you can place a minimum wager of just $0.01 and a maximum wager of $10.00. With all the lines on you can place a minimum wager of $0.30 and a maximum wager of $300.00, which is an excellent range of bet levels to be able to choose from as a serious gambler playing Agent Cash.

A Huge Top Jackpot

Agent Cash stands out from some of the other WGS offerings because of the large fixed jackpot that it makes available to lucky gamblers. While many other slots stop jackpot levels at 5,000 coins, this slot pays out 10,000 coins for a jackpot win. That means top gamblers could win as much as $100,000 from a lucky spin of Agent Cash. That's a whole lot of cash to try for, and it's something that will draw in high rollers interested in big wins.

The Pick or Die Bonus

Agent Cash comes with a unique bonus feature that feels similar to Blackjack. In the feature, you are charged with deciding whether to flip over another card or stopping with the cash that you've already earned. Each time a card is flipped there's a chance that you'll get another cash prize, but you could also be dealt a losing card that costs you your money. This bonus feature adds an interesting dynamic to Agent Cash and makes the game more entertaining to play.

Free Spin Fun

Agent Cash offers the biggest possible wins during its free spin rounds. It's possible to win as much as $375,000 during these rounds and you can do so with the right amount of luck. 8 free spins are awarded when this round is triggered and each and every spin comes with a multiplier on the prize payout to help make these rounds particularly rewarding.

Agent Cash is a powerful online slot game that offers some really nice features to you. Between the high jackpot payouts and the free spin and Pick or Die bonus features, there's always a good chance that you'll be winning some real cash with this slot game. That's why gamblers keep going back to Agent Cash and hoping for that elusive big win that the luckiest players can get.