Caribbean Gold Slots

Take on the life of a pirate in Caribbean Gold slots. This slot game features pirates, skull and crossbones, old worn out letters and numbers, cannons, treasure and more. From the moment that you start playing this slot you’ll be transported into the universe of a hardened pirate band, and that’s the fun of it. This slot game packs in some nice surprises, and offers the type of gambling experience that most players are searching for. We put together a complete review for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading and learn what this pirate themed slot has going for it.

Your Betting Options

In Caribbean Gold slots there are a total of 25 paylines and you can wager as much as $10 per line for a maximum of $250 per spin. These lines can be turned on and off and it’s possible to wager as little as $0.01 per spin as well. Set the wager amount to a level that you are comfortable with and start playing the slot game. It’s best to set a wager amount that will allow you to play through several dozen spins at the very least, and

Watch for the Wild Compass Symbols

The Compass symbols are one of the most valuable in Caribbean Gold for a few different reasons. The first is because they serve as wilds and will swap in for a bunch of other symbols to help you win bigger and better prizes. The second reason is because they unlock some pretty impressive prize payouts all on their own as well. Get four of the compass symbols for 1,500 coins. Get five of them for 3,000 coins. This is a pretty decent prize payout and it’s certainly something to shoot for.

Regular Wins

Between the wilds, the scatters, and all the other special features in Caribbean Gold slots, there are countless ways for you to win while playing through round after round of the game. Prize payouts from this slot aren’t all that large, but they come rolling in so quickly that it doesn’t matter one little bit. You’ll get used to winning prizes frequently, and this slot is perfect for gamblers that need to be in the action all the time. Chains or prizes show up on the reels one after another, and if you’re lucky you’ll wind up with more credits than you started with by the time you’re done playing.

A Random Bonus Game

Many slot games offered today have a bonus round that’s triggered through scatters or some other symbols showing up on the reels. That’s not how things work in Caribbean Gold. Instead, this slot game triggers a bonus round randomly and there’s no way to predict when it’s going to happen.

Free Spin Bonus

There’s a special free spin bonus game that unlocks with three or more scatter symbols. Get these symbols and you’ll receive 8 free spins. During those free spins you have a chance to unlock a variety of prize amounts. Play through some rounds and you could get lucky enough to trigger the free spin round for better chances to win.

Caribbean Gold slots are colorful and themed to look really nice, and they offer a bunch of different ways for you to win prize payouts. Between that and all the frequent payouts that come from this slot game it’s easy to see why so many people favor Caribbean Gold slots. Give the game a try yourself to see what it has to offer and you just mind end up liking it too.