Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine is another simple slot game from Wager Gaming Technology, and it offers a good blend of features to make the gambling experience enjoyable. This slot is a mix of classic slot and progressive jackpot slot, and that’s a pretty nice combination if you ask us. All together you get a diverse slot experience with solid payouts and features worth getting excited about, and we go into those features in our review down below.

Low Wagering Variety

While many classic slot games offer players a wide range of betting options to work with, that’s not the case with Mega Money Mine. Instead you have to place a fixed wager of $1.50 per coin for one to three coins. That means you can bet $1.50, $3.00 or $4.50 depending on the number of coins that you have in place. For some gamblers the fixed wagers are going to be too expensive, and for others they will be way too low to be worth playing. For those that are comfortable with the wager amounts that they are locked into, the slot is a decent fit.

Regular Payouts from 7’s

The 7’s are the key to getting regular reliable payouts from the slot game. Getting just one 7 symbol will pay you back the same amount that you’ve wagered and getting two will reward you with twice your wager amount. With these low difficulty 7’s in play it’s increasingly easy to get some of your money back while playing this slot game and to make the most of the gambling experience as well.

A Solid Fixed Payout

For most players the huge progressive jackpot at the top of the screen is the ultimate goal that htye have in mind while playing the slot game, but it’s not the only way to win big. Gamblers trying out Mega Money Mine can still win a sizeable payout by getting three of the gold bar symbols. Do that will result in a payout between 750 and 2250 coins depending on the number of coins you have wagered. That’s worth a few $1000 in cash when you’re placing a top wager, which is certainly something to get excited about.

A Serious Progressive Jackpot

Mega Money Mine is a high paying progressive classic slot that offers a massive progressive jackpot. You could win hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are lucky enough to get the triggering symbol combination out on the reels. You need to get three of the mineshaft symbols at the same time, and you need to be wagering three coins when you do so. If you manage to meet both of these conditions, you will trigger the full progressive jackpot payout. If you aren’t wagering enough coins, you’ll get 15% or 30% of the progressive jackpot depending on how much you are wagering.

Mega Money Mine is an exciting slot game, mainly because of the high payout progressive jackpot award. It’s the type of slot that you can play comfortably even if you aren’t used to slot games, and long-term gamblers will still enjoy looking forward to that huge progressive jackpot payout. Our only criticism of this slot is the fixed wagers, and it’s important to make sure that those are going to work well for you before you get started with this slot game.