Mah Jong Madness Slots

Mah Jong Madness is an online slot game that is themed after Mahjon, the Chinese board game. This simple slot is all tiles on the reels and has a serene look to it. It has a theme that you won’t see very often in other slots, and the regular payouts will give you plenty to look forward to as you play through the rounds.

Wagering Options

The very first step you’ll need to take as a player testing out Mah Jong Madness is placing a wager and there are several different options to work with when doing this. At the low end you can wager $0.21 per spin, at the high end you can wager $210.00 per spin. It’s up to you which end of the spectrum you want to wager on, but either way there are plenty of options for you to enjoy from this slot game.

A Simple Tile Theme

Mah Jong Madness is themed after Chinese Mahjong and is just a bunch of different tiles scrolling down the screen. If you are familiar with the game you’ll enjoy the familiarity of the symbols and you’ll likely already understand which of the tiles are the most valuable of the bunch. This game is peaceful in design, because it’s so simple and offers a theme that so many are familiar with.

Frequent Wins

The biggest win that you can get while playing Mah Jong Madness is 2,500 coins, and the second highest is 1,000 coins. Those aren’t massive wins by any gambler’s definition, but the really nice thing about this slot game isn’t the top wins, but the frequent lower ones. There are a lot of different ways to unlock prizes in this slot game, and you just need to get lucky enough to trigger one of the available methods. You’ll find yourself unlocking prize wins more often than you expect, which makes it easy to keep the reels turning and the prize money flowing in.

Use the Auto Spin Feature

This slot game offers smaller wins, which means you’ll probably want to play it for longer trying to get one of the mid-sized wins. Many gamblers grow tired of pressing spin again and again, and that’s when they turn to the auto spin feature of the slot. This cool feature sets the reels to turning automatically so that you don’t have to deal with pressing the button yourself. You can go through as many as 250 spins without pressing the button yourself, which is awesome for long-term players.

Mah Jong Madness is a pretty simple online slot game without a bunch of bonus features. It’s the perfect game for gamblers that want a basic experience without all the bonuses, secret symbols and special combinations to worry about. This low volatility slot game is fun to play through, and it offers plenty of opportunities for you to win some cash with a bit of luck.