Ja Man Slots

Ja Man Slots
There’s no better way to relax than taking in the relaxing atmosphere of Jamaica and lounging at a nice beach to spend the day. That’s exactly what Ja Man tries to emulate, and the online slot game does a pretty decent job of doing so. This online slot is perfect for anyone that enjoys the Rastafarian theme, and we decided to give it a full play through to see if it has more to offer than jus a nice theme. We weren’t disappointed.

Wager Carefully

Ja Man gives players a lot of freedom with the amount that they can wager at one time. That means that gamblers need to be careful to choose an amount that they are comfortable with and that won’t put their bankrolls at too much risk. At the low end of things players can risk just $0.01 on a single spin, which can stretch even minimal bankrolls for days. At the high end gamblers can risk $250 per spin over the 25 total pay lines. This will burn through even large bankrolls quite quickly, but will produce the biggest wins. It’s important to find a balance between the two extremes for the best results.

The Scatter Hut

Watch for the hut symbol while playing Ja Man. This is the scatter and will help you unlock some nice prizes, while also triggering the bonus round of the game. Getting three or more of the hut symbols will reward you with free spins that you can win even more money on. Three scatters results in 15 free spins, four gives you 20 free spins and five gives you 25 free spins. During the free spin round any wins that you get involving the wild will come with a very nice multiplier. The wild will multiply your wins between 3x, 6x or 10x the standard value. That means you have a lot of money that you can potentially win.

Just a Decent Top Jackpot

Without taking the free spin round into consideration, the biggest win that you can get from Ja Man is just 5,000 coins. That’s not a very impressive win at all, and it means that you pretty much need the free spin round in order to unlock the best payouts. Without free spins you can win as much as $50,000 during the standard rounds, but things become much more lucrative during free spins and you can win a top prize of $500,000 if you’re lucky enough to be wagering the top amount while winning big during free spins.

Ja Man slot is a feel good online slot game that has just enough features to keep things interesting. The massive top prize payout offered by the slot makes it worth trying out, and the theme and feel of the game will help you relax at the end of a long day.