The Last King of Egypt Slots

The Last King of Egypt is an online slot game themed after Ancient Egyptian life. It focuses on things like carriages, horses, Egyptian landmarks and the massive structures that the country is so well known for. Overall there’s a lot to like about this slot game, but we can’t say much about it until after doing a full review. That’s why we decided to take the time to review the game and provide our opinion on the game. Read on to learn more about this online slot.

Choosing a Wager Level

The most important step in The Last King of Egypt slot game is to set a wager amount. There is a wide range of wager amounts to work with in this slot game, letting you choose an amount that’s comfortable for you each time you play. Low stakes gamblers can wager as little as $0.01 per spin on just one line of the slot game. Serious gamblers can raise the stakes much higher with a wager of up to $250 per spin across all 25 lines. It’s up to you to choose an amount that’s comfortable, but it’s best to wager an amount small enough to allow for many spins for the best odds.

Winning with Wilds

In The Last King of Egypt the King symbol is the wild and also the most valuable symbol in the game. Getting five of these guys across your reels will result in a 9,000 coin win right away. The king symbol is also a powerful wild that will multiply any other wins that it is part of. That means a king symbol along with another symbol will result in triple the standard payout for that symbol win.

Scatter Payouts and Free Spins

In this slot the Sphinx symbol is the scatter and getting at least two of them anywhere on the reels will reward you with a payout. Getting three or more will give you a nice payout while also unlocking free spins. You’ll receive 10 free spins all with a 3x multiplier through the rounds. This is an excellent opportunity to win some nice prizes without spending any money in the process to do so.

Benefitting from the Autoplay Mode

This slot comes with a powerful Autoplay mode, making it easy to go through more turns on the reels without having to spend so much time actually pressing the spin button. Autoplay offers between 5 and 500 spins and you can set the feature to turn off as soon as you win a specific amount of money, from as low as $50 to $250 on a single win.

This slot game is pretty cool with a nice look to it and decent top payouts, but it doesn’t offer too many features or any unique features that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s possible to win as much as $270,000 on a single spin with enough luck with a top wager which makes things very interesting for the right person.