Turkey Time Slots

Turkey Time Slots
WGS Technologies are know for designing classic slot games. This Thanksgiving Themed video slot game is a well designed classic platform and a graphically superior quality WGS tiles. Turkey Time is a 3 reel, single payline title that includes extra payouts, prize multipliers and a bonus feature and a 2400 coin jackpot.

Turkey Time slots is a 3 reel and one playline format. The game is designed as a classic slot machine with even the pull handle on the side. The top of the screen is a three tiered payout tables. The center is the reels in play and the bottom of the screen is the control panel that is clearly laid out. All in warm fall colors and a simple to use layout.

Bet the Bird: Turkey Time Slots

The Turkey Time coin values are $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00. You can bet up to three coins per spin.In Turkey Time Slots Playing three coins has its advantages including the addition of a couple more payout opportunities, the 2400-coin jackpot, and the ability to play the bonus game.

A Full Course Game: Turkey Time Slots

As mentioned before the paytable is at the top of the screen. Featuring symbols of Pilgrim Hats, Autumn Leaves, Pumpkin Pie and the Bar symbol. With only one payline, no particular order is need when the symbols land. They only need to land on the one payline available to gain winnings.

The Pilgrim Hat is Turkey Times slots Wild. It can land of the reels as the substitute to many other symbols, and is also the multiplier. One Hat will eagle 2x the payout, Two Hats eagles 4x the payout, and Three Hats will provide the generous reward, the 2,400-coin jackpot.

The Turkey Time Bonus is activated when the Bonus Turkey Symbol lands on the payline. This will advance you to a new screen. A bonus game that gives you 10 turkeys that will will be able to have 4 chances or turkey picks. After you pick your bird you will see what reward or prize it offers. You can either keep that birds prize or take that chance of a bigger prize behind another bird.

Stuff Yourself!: Turkey Time Slots

WGS’s Turkey Time Slots is a classic traditional slot game that throws you a bonus game where you can make some buck on turkey’s. The user friendly gameplay is great beginners or the advanced player.