Love Bugs Slots

Love Bug is an online slot game themed after a loving couple. The slot game has a bunch of symbols that you would relate to a couple that cares very deeply about one another. There's a heart necklace, fancy jewelry, perfume, champagne, flowers and more. All these things come together to paint a picture of a couple that's deeply in love and having a good time. This theme intrigued us, and led us to review the slot game fully. Below is our complete review of the game.

Limited Wagering

Love Bug Slots are pretty limited when it comes to setting your bet amount, because there are few coins and the coin value is a bit more constrained than it is on other slot games. With just 9 pay lines to wager on, you have just 9 coins to work with. Each coin can be valued between $0.01 and $5.00. That means you can wager between $0.01 and $45.00 per spin. Low stakes gamblers will be just fine with Love Bug, but many high rollers will be unhappy with the top wager amount.

Try to Win Big

The luckiest gamblers that play Love Bug can win up to $50,000 from the slot. This requires making a top wager and getting the highest fixed jackpot at the same time. Serious gamblers that do both of these things can enjoy a huge payout. The slot offers many smaller wins as well, but for the most serious gamblers the jackpot is where it's at.

No Auto Play

Unlike many other online slot games today, Love Bug does not come with an auto play feature. That means if you want to play for an extended period of time you'll have to turn the reels all on your own. That also means that the slot is well suited to some gamblers and not others. It's not the right kind of slot for everyone, and it's just something that you'll have to try for yourself.

Free Spins

Love Bug offers a free spin round that's not too difficult to unlock. You just need to get the lady bug symbol on the first reel and the love bug symbol on the last reel. IF you manage to do that you will get 15 free spins with an enhanced payout. This gives you a chance to win bigger prizes and to walk away with an even more lucrative win from this online slot.

Love Bug is a cool slot game with a nice collection of unique symbols for you to enjoy while you play. The slot features minimal betting options, but most gamblers will be more than happy with them. The top payouts from this slot make it worth playing, especially when you consider the relatively modest top wager that you can place when you play the game. It's not for everyone, but there are plenty of gamblers that will really enjoy Love Bug and what this slot has to offer them.