Coral Cash Slots

Coral Cash Slots
Coral Cash is a underwater themed online slot game that features dolphins, fish, seahorses mermaids and other symbols that are associated with underwater life. It’s a simple slot game that looks nice on the surface and that’s all it took for us to decide to do a full review of this online slot game. Below is all that we learned about the slot while testing it out. Keep reading and you’ll learn whether this slot is the one for you or not.

A Nice Wager Range

In our opinion, the best slot games offer a good range of wagering options. This makes it possible for most gamblers to play comfortably and to get the most out of their gaming experience. That’s one positive thing that we have to say about Coral Cash, this slot makes it easy for nearly any gambler to get going and to have fun online. At the low end it’s possible to play for as little as $0.01 per spin as long as you don’t mind having just a single payline active with each spin. At the high end it’s possible to play for as much as $250.00 per spin with all 25 pay lines active and a $10.00 wager on each one of them.

A Nice Cash Payout

The top jackpot in Coral Cash is worth 8,000 coins or up to $80,000 which isn’t too bad at all. The lucky players that manage to snag this top prize payout will no doubt be thrilled by such a large win, and even if they aren’t playing with the maximum wager down on the reels there is a lot of potential cash available with a jackpot win. That’s what keeps players coming back to Coral Cash and what makes it such an enjoyable experience.


There’s a nice autoplay feature in Coral Cash that makes it possible to get the reels turning without having to press the spin button again and again. To use the feature simply press the button, choose the amount of spins to go through and set a jackpot limit that will automatically cancel the spin feature. With this feature in place you can go through more rounds with less work, and still stop the slot game if you win big.

Free Spins

In Coral Cash it’s possible to unlock a special free spin round where bigger and more exciting wins can occur. To do this you need to get a wild on the first reel out of five and a scatter on the last reel. Do this and you’ll receive 15 free spins with a triple payout multiplier all the while. During the free spin rounds it’s possible to unlock additional free spins as well, giving you even more chances to win big.

Coral Cash is a pretty cool online slot game with good solid prize payouts, a decent top prize, good features and a lot to enjoy. Players are encouraged to test it out to learn whether it’s the right slot for them or not. Give this slot game a try and you’ll quickly learn whether or not it’s a game that you enjoy.