Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas is a fun online slot game that puts a group of female ninjas up against an invasion of aliens and monsters. The game itself is a lot of fun and designed to appeal to a wide range of gamblers. We loved the theme of the slot enough to fully review it. Down below is a complete overview of Naughty Ninjas and all this simple video slot has to offer the everyday gambler looking for some fun.

True Wagering Flexibility

Naughty Ninjas slots makes it easy to wager an amount that you are comfortable with, because there is such a nice range of wagering options to pick and choose from. Whether you want to place a small wager or a large one, you can do so quickly and easily with this online slot game. There are 25 different paylines to choose from, and each of those lines accept a single wager. While playing the game you can pick and choose the number of lines that you want to work with, and after you decide on the line number you can easily choose the wager on each line as well. Low stakes gamblers can play for as little as $0.01 per line for a minimum wager of $0.01. High rollers can raise their wager to much higher limits with a maximum wager of $10.00 per line or $250.00 for a single spin.

The Ninja Star Respin

Each of your spins count for two when you get a scattered ninja star on the third reel of Naughty Ninjas. That's because the reels will automatically spin themselves a second time, holding that ninja star in position. This gives you another chance to unlock some prizes and should help you become more profitable with the slot game over time.

A Small Jackpot

The main downside to Naughty Ninja is the small jackpot that's offered. The biggest standard round jackpot to this slot game is worth just 2,000 coins, which isn't all that much compared to the other slot games that you can find out there today, Landing this jackpot with a top wager placed will result in just a $20,000 payout, which can't really stand up to some of the slots that are paying out $100,000 or more for their jackpots, but there are enough additional features to make up for the lack of a decent top jackpot.

Naughty Ninjas has a pretty unique look for a video slot game, but it doesn't pack in the features that would make it a top online slot game. Instead it's just so-so, and that's why we only recommend this game if you really like the theme, because it can't beat out many of the other options that are available today.