Birds of Paradise Slots

At first glance Birds of Paradise appears to be a really nice bird-themed online slot game. It shows off some nice jungle scenery, as well as a varied collection of birds to pick and choose from. We were drawn in by the beautiful symbols that are shown off on this slot, which is exactly why we decided to try out the game in the first place. Below is our in-depth review of the slot and all that it has to offer.

Good Betting Variety

One of the first things that we look at when evaluating a slot game is the betting variety offered. We like slots that give players plenty of options to choose from when placing wagers. The bigger the gap between the top and the bottom wagers, the better, and Birds of Paradise is a pretty decent slot in that regard. The moment that you start playing the slot you can choose to place a low wager or what most would consider to be a pretty high wager. There are 25 selectable paylines, and players can choose to bet on just one, all the way up to all 25 lines. On those lines wagers between $0.01 and $5.00 can be placed. That gives you a total betting range of $0.01 and $125.00 to work with. That’s a pretty solid gap to work within and most gamblers will be able to find a comfortable level to wager at while playing Birds of Paradise.

Three Decent Payouts

There are three symbols in particular that are worth looking for while playing Birds of Paradise. The first is the orange bird, the second is the toucan and the third is the canary. The orange bird is worth 10,000 coins if you get five of them, the toucan is worth 2,000 coins for five and the canary is worth 1,000 coins for five. No matter which of these symbols you get, you can win pretty nicely with a five symbol match.

Scatters and Wilds

Not only is the orange bird the key to unlocking the biggest fixed jackpot offered in Birds of Paradise, it’s also a wild symbol that will help you win more often. The nest symbol is the scatter, and the key to unlocking the free spin round of this slot game. Get three or more nests and you’ll unlock a nice scatter payout as well as 20 free spins. Throughout the free spins round of this slot game you’ll enjoy a 2x multiplier, which brings the top fixed jackpot up to 20,000 coins, worth as much as $100,000 if you’re betting the maximum amount on your spins.

Unleashing the AutoPlay Feature

For players that can’t be bothered with spinning the reels manually every single time while playing Birds of Paradise, there’s an auto spin feature that can be leveraged as well. The feature comes with options for between 5 and 500 spins in succession, and it can be set up to stop after winning a specific amount of cash. The amount goes from as little as $50, in $50 increments up to $250, making it easy for you to set how much of a win you need to shut down the spins.

Birds of Paradise is a high quality online slot game that looks really nice. It’s the type of game that serious gamblers should try out at least once, and for bird fans there’s a lot to love about the slot, including the pretty generous top jackpot payout.