Triple Triple Gold Slots

Triple Triple Gold slots is a unique classic slot game that offers some exceptionally large prize payouts to the lucky players that manage to unlock the top jackpots. This online classic slot game has just a single payline, and a pretty limited selection of symbols to try for, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features that make the game worth trying out. Take a moment to learn more about Triple Triple Gold, and you’ll know for sure if it’s something you will want to try out or not.

There are Wilds

The only special feature that you’re going to see in Triple Triple Gold is the wild symbol, which is the Triple Triple Gold logo. This wild will sub in for any other symbol that you could want it to take the place of. When you get just one of these symbols it can help you complete prizes along with other symbols. When you get two of the wilds you’ll complete prize payouts with whatever symbol happens to show up in the other position. The exciting thing isn’t that the wilds will help you win more though, the exciting feature is what the wilds do to the prize payouts before you receive them. Just one wild will multiply your prizes by 9x. Two wilds will multiply your prize amount by 81x. If you manage to get three wild symbols, well then you’ve just unlocked the top jackpot of this slot game.

A Massive Jackpot

The top jackpot payout of Triple Triple Gold is 15,000 coins, which is what you get for three of the wild symbols when you gamble three coins. If you have a three coin wager and you get lucky enough, you could end up with 15,000 coins, which is pretty exceptional. If you don’t want to make a three coin wager, you will end up getting 5,000 or 10,000 coins depending on the wager that you make. These are decent payouts as well, though not nearly as notable.

Cherries Offer Easy Wins

In Triple Triple Gold the cherry symbols make winning easier and more frequent than the other symbols of this slot. That’s because you only need one cherry symbol in order to unlock a payout. Getting two or three cherry symbols will result in a bigger win, but getting any at all will keep you raising your balance to higher levels.

Triple Triple Gold slots offers some solid payouts to players that don’t mind testing out a classic slot game. with a maximum prize payout of $150,000 with a top bet there is a lot of money to be won in this slot game. Even with smaller prize wins there’s a lot of money at stake in this slot if you play it properly. That’s why it’s so important to become familiar with the slot game and to learn how to make the most of it.