Coconut Grove Slots

Coconut Grove Slots
It’s time to lounge in a tropical paradise and to play some slots with Coconut Grove classic slots. This online slot game is focused on living the life by the sea and you’ll see things like fruity drinks, bright sunshine, palm trees and a bright blue sky associated with this slot game. The look of the slot drew us in, but we wanted to learn more about the features before recommending this slot game. That’s why we took the time to put together a complete review of this classic slot.

Bet up to Five Coins

There’s just one payline in Coconut Grove but you can place up to five coins on this line. That means you still have a good range of betting options to work with. The number of coins you place on the line directly determines how much you win from the prizes of this slot, so think twice before laying down the minimum of 1 coin. Coin values can be set between $0.01 and $10.00 each. You can wager between $0.01 and $50.00 per spin in this classic slot, choose wisely.

All About the Fruity Drinks

When playing Coconut Grove you’ll see plenty of different symbols scrolling by on the reels. Unfortuantely only one symbol matters while you play and you’ll find yourself looking past all the others after playing a few rounds of this slot. The fruity drinks are the only paying symbols in this slot game, and they serve as scatters as well as high paying jackpot symbols. You get two coins if you get a single fruity drink anywhere on the reels of this slot game. If you manage to line up three of them on the only payline of the game, you’ll win a jackpot worth 500 coins per coin that you have wagered, up to 2,500 coins in all. If you’re betting the max amount that could be a win of $25,000, which is pretty good for a $50 wager.

Simple Gameplay

With only one symbol to look out for and no special features to worry about, Coconut Grove is a very simple online slot game for you to try out. It’s easy to play and you won’t have anything to learn really before you start gambling on it. If you are looking for a slot that you can pick up immediately, Coconut Grove is a good bet.

Convenience Features

This classic slot game comes with a few different convenience features that make it even more enjoyable to play. There is an autospin feature that lets you turn the reels automatically without pressing them or even being in front of your computer. Just set the number of spins, start it up and walk away. There’s also a bet one and bet max feature, letting you quickly toggle the highest or lowest bets in the game when you set your amount.

Coconut Grove is a very simple online slot game that’s perfectly suited to gamblers that want to try something new without playing a difficult game. The slot is a lot of fun and worth trying out if you want something simple to play through. You’ll always know why you won a prize while playing this slot, and you have enough wagering options to work with to keep the wager in a comfortable range for you every time you play the game.