Triple Rainbow 7's Slots

Triple Rainbow 7’s is a classic slot game that’s based around 7’s, which sounds very simple, and it really is. There is a surprisingly large number of 7’s for you to look out for while playing this game though, and there are many different prizes that are paid out as well. The game is simple to get used to, but it’s pretty rewarding as well. Below is our full review of the slot game, read through it and get to know the game a bit better.

The Rainbow 7 Jackpot

There are a few different decent prizes to unlock in Triple Rainbow 7’s, but the best one comes from three of the triple rainbow 7 symbols. Get these symbols and you’ll unlock the top possible payout that this game has to offer. For the players that only wager a single coin that means 1,500 coins. For the gamblers that wager two coins a top payout of 4,000 coins is possible. That’s the type of payout that really pays off nicely for serious gamblers and it means that you could end up with as much as $40,000 if you are risking the top amount while you play this game.

Placing a Wager

You have the option of betting one or two coins in Triple Rainbow 7’s the slot game. It’s up to you to decide which of the two wagers is best to go with. After you decide on the number of coins that you want to risk, it’s time to go ahead and choose values for those specific coins. You can set values from a low of around $0.10 and a high of $10.00. If you to stay low you can bet less than $0.25 per spin, and if you want to go up on the high end you can wager $20.00 per spin. That’s not a massive wager, but it’s going to be quite a bit for most gamblers that decide to play this slot game.


There is a scatter symbol of sorts in Triple Rainbow 7’s The symbol only needs to show up by itself on the payline and it will pay out 2 to 4 coins depending on the wager that you’ve made. That’s not a whole lot of cash, but it means that you don’t have to do much at all in order to win some money from the slot game. As long as you are lucky enough to get one of the symbols, you have some money coming in and you can benefit from it.

They’re All 7’s

You’ll see quite a few different symbols on the reels as you play through Triple Rainbow 7’s, but every single win that you get is going to be a 7 in one form or another. Either you’ll get big wins with the Rainbow 7’s or you’ll be looking for smaller wins with one of the solid 7’s. Either way, you’ll be looking out for a combination of 7’s to try and win some cash.

Triple Rainbow 7’s is simple in design and rewarding at the same time. There aren’t many symbols, there aren’t any real special features, but you can win a lot of cash as long as you are lucky enough to get the right 7’s on the reels.