Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Triple Flamin’ 7’s is a bold take on the classic slot game that most gamblers are probably familiar with. You still get a classic slot layout, but you get a really bright set of symbols, some excellent prizes and special features as well. In the end, this slot ends up being a good classic experience, but it’s a bit more exciting while still being simple to understand.

Huge Win Opportunities

There are a couple of decent wins in this slot game. The best and most exciting win comes from getting three of the 777 golden symbols on your payline. Do that and receive either 1,500 or 4,000 coins, depending on the number of coins that you are wagering on the slot game. After that comes the spicy 7 symbol. Get three of them and receive 150 or 300 coins. After that is the red 7 symbol. Three of those pays 80 or 160 coins. Either way there is a lot of cash avialable for you to try and win in Triple Flamin’ 7’s. Do your best to get one of these top paying prize symbols when you spin the reels.

Easy Win Combinations

There are three different combinations in this slot game designed to be as easy to win as possible. This makes it easier to get winning payouts while you play Triple Flamin’ 7’s so you’ll have more money coming in during each of your turns. The first is one of the golden 777 symbols. Get one of them on the line and you’ll receive a small prize payout. The next is three of any of the 7 symbols at all. Get three of any of the different 7 symbols on the payline and you’ll get a payout of 5 or 10 coins depending on how many coins you wager. The final prize that’s easy to get is two of the golden 777 symbols. That pays 10 or 20 coins if you’re lucky enough to get it, which is a pretty decent prize.

The Powerful Wilds

Another very cool feature that’s present in this classic slot is the powerful wild symbols. The golden triple 7 symbol is a wild in this slot, and it will triple the value of any prize that it’s part of. If you get two of these wilds they will each triple the value, giving you 9x the total standard value of the other symbol for a very nice winning payout. Either way, you have a lot of cash coming to you from this slot game if you get any wilds on the reels along with a winning symbol as well.

Triple Flamin’ 7’s is a cool classic slot with enough features to make things interesting. The high payouts don’t hurt either. When you play this slot you’ll have some very good winning combinations to look forward to, and you should be able to get some decent prizes with just a bit of luck on your side.