Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail is a powerful classic slot game with real prize winning potential. If you're interested in winning the biggest payouts possible with a classic slot game, it's worth taking a look at Treasure Trail. We were impressed with the slot game during our initial review of it, and decided to do a full in-depth review of the game. Read on to learn more.

Fixed Betting Almost

Treasure Trail makes wagering very simple, but also makes the game difficult to play for serious budget gamblers. The coin value is fixed at $2.00 the entire time that you play, and you can choose to wager between one and three coins while playing. That means that gamblers are forced to wager between $2 and $6 per spin, which might be too much cash if you are working with a smaller budget.

Wild Multipliers

The X symbol is a key to the jackpot in Treasure Trail, but it's also a potent wild symbol that you'll want to make use of to complete more prize wins as you play. This symbol will swap for any of the other symbols, and will double prize pay outs for any three symbol prize win. These two features together make the symbol very valuable and something that you'll be relying on the entire time that you play Treasure Trail.

Many Ways to Win

There are several different ways to win good money while playing Treasure Trail. Get one of the treasure chest symbols, or three of any of the other symbols and you'll walk away with a decent payout. The wild X symbol is the most valuable and can be worth thousands of dollars, while the treasure chest is next in line and worth as much as $3,000 if you're wagering the maximum amount while playing. There are plenty of other paying symbols as well, but they aren't worth nearly as much. You'll win payouts often by getting just a single treasure chest on the payline for between 2 and 6 coins.

An Impressive Progressive Jackpot

Treasure Trail comes with a powerful progressive jackpot that you can unlock by getting three of the X symbols while you play the game. When you do this you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. All you need to do is be wagering three coins at the time that you hit the jackpot payout and you'll walk away with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are wagering one or two coins you'll get 5,000 or 10,000 coins instead, which isn't nearly as good. That's why we recommend players always wager the maximum of three coins while playing.

Treasure Trail is a dynamic and exciting classic slot game. It's simple to play, but offers a few decent features that keep things interesting as well. If you enjoy classic slot games, you'll enjoy this slot, and you might even walk away with a monstrous jackpot win as well.