Big Foot Slots

Big Foot Slots
What if your camping trip was radically transformed by the discovery of Big Foot? That’s exactly what happens in Big Foot the online slot game. This slot is set in a relaxed and cartoony backdrop with a little owl, plenty of trees, bright green grass and a beautiful sunset in the background, but as you spin the reels you’ll realize something more sinister is going on. Big Foot is around. There are signs of the creature all over the place. There’s a literal Big Foot crossing sign, there are footprints and you can tell that the camper looks spooked as well. It’s up to you to try and uncover the mysteries of Big Foot while playing through this slot game.

Setting up the Wager

To get things started with this online slot game you need to place a wager. It’s important to choose a wager that you’re comfortable with, and you can do that easily with a large range of wager options to choose from. The minimum bet you can place on each line is just $0.05 and the maximum wager is a whopping $5.00 per line. That gives you a minimum wager of $0.05 and a maximum wager of $125.00 per spin. You can go with one of those options or something in between to get you to a good comfortable bet level.

Decent Wins

While playing Big Foot you want to try and win as much cash as you can, and there are some decent payouts for you to look forward to. The best that you can get on a single spin is 5,000 coins, which isn’t half bad if you ask us. With a maximum bet of $5.00 per coin you would be looking at a prize payout of $25,000 if you manage to unlock the top jackpot while playing Big Foot. That’s not bad, and there are plenty of other prizes to win while playing as well.

The Bonus Game

Big Foot comes with a bonus game that some lucky gamblers will get to experience. It’s triggered by three wilds at the center of the reels and it isn’t too difficult to initiate at all. Get the wilds in position and you’ll be playing for cash. To play this game you’re left searching for a snowman in the dark. You start looking at each pair of eyes and it’s up to you to select one of them. The option you choose determines your total payout amount, but each selection comes with some sort of prize.

A Basic Free Spin Round

There’s a pretty basic free spin game that’s unlocked when you get three or more scatter symbols while playing Big Foot. Get these symbols and you’ll instantly be rewarded with 10 free spins where all prizes are doubled.

Big Foot slot is a nice relaxing video slot game that’s a lot of fun to play through if you take the time to try out all the different features. Give the game a try and you’ll very quickly see that it has a lot going for it. It’s relaxing and offers some big cash wins as well.