X Marks the Spot Slots

Become a pirate searching for buried treasure in X Marks the Spot, the online video slot game that packs in some excellent prizes. This slot game features all sorts of crazy symbols like pirate flags, parrots, hook hands, monkeys, pirate ships, tropical islands and more. All together it is a pretty imposing slot game with cool symbols and the promise of some decent wins. Read on to learn what our experience was when we actually tested this slot game out and you just might stumble on your new favorite slot experience.

Fixed Pay Line Wagering

There are 20 paylines in X Marks the Spot and they all must remain active the entire time that you play this slot game. That means there is a minimum wager of $0.20 and a maximum wager of $200.00 per spin. The level of bet that you settle on depends on the amount of risk that you are willing to take while playing this slot game. If you have some money to burn and you don't mind risking a few losses here and there, the big bet will reward you with larger prizes. If you have a smaller bankroll and really want to stretch it out, the smallest level of wagering still comes with some halfway decent payouts.

Modest but Frequent Wins

Wins are pretty modest during the standard rounds of X Marks the Spot. That doesn't mean the game isn't worth playing though. You could win as much as $40,000 when betting the maximum amount and playing the game, and there are plenty of small wins that will come rolling in before you hit it big with a lucky jackpot. That means you could end up winning much more than you expect with this slot game, and that's before you even make it to the bonus rounds of the game which are even more lucrative.

Triple Win Free Spins

The best way to win big while playing X Marks the Spot is to unleash the free spins round of this slot game. To do that you need to get at least three of the scatter symbols. As soon as you get enough scatters you'll enjoy 15 free spins where every single one of the payouts is tripled in size. That's a lot of extra cash for you to take advantage of and you could end up winning as much as $120,000 with a jackpot win during the free spin rounds of the game.

Digging up the Treasure

One of the most exciting features of X Marks the Spot is digging up the buried treasure of the game. There are a bunch of X's and if you get three map symbols on the reels you will get a chance to dig up treasure in three different spots. Choose three of the available X's and try and dig up as much money as you can in those positions.

X Marks the Spot is a cool online slot game for fans of pirates with a unique bonus game and decent top prizes. There is a lot of money riding on your spins, but ultimately it's just plain fun and a good way to relax. This slot game isn't for everyone, but plenty of people will enjoy the bonus game, the free spins round and all the colorful pirate symbols that this game relies on.