Swept Away Slots

Many people dream of being swept away to a deserted island only to live a relaxing life filled with sandy beaches, tropical fish and plenty of plants all around. That’s exactly what Swept Away is all about. In this online slot game you’ll be playing for the biggest wins that you can get, in a calm and pleasing environment that’s easy to fall in love with. From the very first moment that you give this slot game a try you’ll have no trouble picking up its charm, at least we didn’t. Keep reading for our full review of Swept Away to learn what this classic slot offers to the serious or casual gambler.

The Bonus Symbol

While playing Swept Away, the most important symbol to search for is the game logo. This pays out a minimum of 1,000 coins when you get three on your payline, and you can even win money when you have three of these symbols in any position on the reels. Get three logos anywhere and you’ll be looking at between 200 and 1,000 coins if they are all in a line. Get three symbols on the central payline and you’ll enjoy a payout between 1,000 and 4,000 coins, or a maximum value of $40,000 to all the big betters out there laying out serious cash per spin.

Wagering Flexibility

It’s tough to have good wagering flexibility when playing slot games like Swept Away, but there are a few different options that you can choose from with this classic slot, even though there is just one payline to work with. The slot game allows you to wager between one and three coins on the central payline as you play the reels. Those coins can be valued at a penny up to $10 apiece as well, making it easy to place a wager for most bankroll sizes comfortably.

A Cool Island Theme

Swept Away relies on custom symbols completely and you get a really good deserted island experience when you play for that very reason. There are no BAR symbols or 7’s to watch out for like you’ll find on most classic slots. Instead you’ll see things like SOS symbols, the game logo, fires, life rafts and more as you turn the reels. This make the game look nicer and we really appreciate the attention to detail that went into making this classic slot game.

Straightforward Mechanics

Players that want an easy slot experience without any surprises are sure to get a lot out of Swept Away. That’s because this slot game doesn’t have wilds, it doesn’t have scatters, it doesn’t have bonus games and there aren’t too many decisions to be made at all while playing. Instead it’s very easy and simple to enjoy, and a lot of fun for the right gamblers.

Swept Away is simple gaming fun for casual slot players that just want a relaxing gambling experience. If you want something more in-depth, you’ll probably want to look for a video slot alternative, or at the very least a more complicated classic slot, but Swept Away is perfect for when simplicity is important.