Malt Shop Memories Slots

Take a trip back in time to a more purer time with Malt Shop Memories, an online slot game based on the 50’s. This simple slot is setup like a classic slot game, but it offers some additional features that you won’t find in most of those simple games. Between the added features and the very nice theme, Malt Shop Memories is an exciting online slot worth looking at.

Betting Options

With a single payline and between one and three coins per line your options are pretty limited when it comes to wagering on Malt Shop Memories. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options to choose from though. If you’re interested in getting started with this slot you’ll have to decide whether you want to wager one, two or three coins, then you’ll have to set a coin value. Coin values can be as little as $0.01 and as much as $10.00. Giving you a top wager amount of $30, with a minimum of just $0.01. Choose an amount you are comfortable with and then start playing this online slot game.

Powerful Wilds

The wilds in this slot are the most important symbol by far and they are the most helpful no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. They are the key to unlocking the biggest jackpot payout of 2,000 coins if you get three of them and you have all three coins wagered at the time. They also help make other wins more valuable by serving as a 2x multiplier over top of any win that they help complete. As long as you get one or more of the wilds along with the winning combination of symbols you’ll get twice as much prize money in the process. They will help you unlock more payouts, and make it easy for you to win more cash.

A Scatter Symbol

The car symbol is a scatter that you can make use of to win more cash with each spin that you play through. Get one of these symbols on any of the reels and you’ll get two coins for every coin wagered. The cars are a welcome sight and they will help you reduce how much cash you spend playing through round after round of this slot game. Getting more than one car will reward you with the win multiple times in a single turn.

Convenience Features

For being a classic slot game, Malt Shop Memories offers quite a few different convenience features for you to make use of. There’s an Autoplay button to keep the reels turning without having to press spin every time. There’s also a button to bet the minimum or the maximum, making it easy to adjust your wager to whatever you want fast.

Malt Shop Memories is a nice looking slot game, it’s simple enough to appeal to classic slot gamblers, but it has enough features to make it just a bit more interesting than your average classic slot. That’s why it’s worth a try.