Dynasty Slots

Dynasty is an online video slot game that’s themed after the Chinese Dynasty. It’s a nice looking slot game that shows off a section of the Great Wall of China, but the rest of the slot has a pretty generic look to it overall. It also appears a bit dated compared to other online slots that you’ll see today. With that said, we decided to give Dynasty a full test run to see if the game is worth playing or not. Our results are down below, keep reading to see if this slot game is worth the time.

Good Betting Options

One of the best features of Dynasty is the wager levels that you have to work with. You are free to bet small or large while playing this slot, and there are plenty of differnet levels to pick and choose from. Low stakes players can risk as little as $0.01 on a single payline, while high stakes gamblers can really maximize their wins by going all out with a $250.00 wager on every single spin by placing $10.00 on each of the 25 paylines.

An Okay Fixed Jackpot

Dynasty Slots doesn’t offer a huge jackpot, but it’s decent, especially for players that can afford to place a top wager. The leading jackpot is 5,000 coins, worth as much as $50,000 with a top wager, and it can be won by getting the five jackpot symbols on a single payline, or with some of the symbols and wild Seal symbols as well in combination.

Making the Most of Free Spins

Dynasty offers a free spin mode to lucky gamblers that manage to get three or more of the Emperor scatter symbols. Doing so gives you 8 free spins to work with all with a nice multiplier that can help you win some very large prizes during the free spin round. This is the main reason that gamblers stick with Dynasty and some very nice wins have come from the free spin rounds of this slot game. During the free spin rounds it’s possible to trigger additional free spins as well, creating some very long-term win streaks for lucky gamblers. Your stakes remain the same during free spin rounds, which is why it’s best to wager as much as you can comfortably to maximize the free spin wins.

Dynasty is a pretty standard online slot game with smaller payouts and less original symbols than what you can find with some other slot games. We really liked the betting range that’s offered with this slot game, as well as the good solid payouts during the free spin round, but can’t recommend that every gambler tests this game. If you like the look of the slot and are looking for a game with high bet limits, Dynasty could be a decent slot option for you.