Lucky Lagoon Slots

Lucky Lagoon Slots
Lucky Lagoon is a pretty basic online slot game themed after ocean life, surfing and all good things out on the water. It’s designed for simplicity, but offers some decent features as well. Serious gamblers will pick out at least a few things about the slot that they like, but it’s not for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about Lucky Lagoon slots and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Wagering Limits

There is a maximum and a minimum wagering limit in Lucky Lagoon slots and both are pretty good. Low stakes gamblers can wager as little as $0.01 per pay line, and only need to wager on a single pay line in order to play the slot game. High stakes gamblers are free to risk as much as $10.00 per line in the slot for a maximum wager up to $50.00 per spin.

Basic Gameplay

There isn’t too much going on while playing Lucky Lagoon slots, and that’s a good thing. The game is designed for simplicity and that’s the feature that we want to highlight most about this slot experience. If you’re interested in playing a slot that’s super flashy and busy with tons of features, you won’t like this one. If you want a relaxed slot experience with just a few special features, decent payouts and a game that you can understand in minutes, this is a good fit.

Winning Big Time

In Lucky Lagoon it’s possible to win as much as 10,000 coins on a single jackpot, which is a pretty massive win considering that you can put a value of up to $10 on each of those coins. That means with enough luck and a large enough wager you could win as much as $100,000 from a single spin on Lucky Lagoon slots. That’s pretty exciting and a bigger prize payout than many other online slot games offer today. Big winners could walk away with a huge prize payout for a pretty affordable wager of $50 per spin.

After thoroughly testing out this slot game it’s our experience that Lucky Lagoon is good for some gamblers but not all. It’s a simple slot that looks decent, but isn’t over the top in any way. It’s a good relaxed slot game and a lot of fun to play through, that’s the benefit of this game and also its downfall. Relaxed gamblers that want a game they can understand fast will like this slot, players that want something more energetic might not.