Lucky 7's Slots

Lucky 7's Slots
Lucky 7’s is a popular online slot game in the classic slot crowd because it’s designed to have that sort of look, feel and play experience. We decided to give this slot game a look while keeping in mind that it wouldn’t play like most of the modern-day slots we are used to. When doing that we learned some interesting things about the game. Keep reading to find out whether this slot is worth playing or not.


With a total of 7 paylines the wagering options are limited with Lucky 7’s. You can choose to wager between $0.01 and $10.00 per line in the slot. That means you can effectively wager between $0.01 and $70.00 per spin. That’s not a huge variation by any means, but it’s enough for most players to feel comfortable.

Unique Reels

Lucky 7’s has a very unique setup compared to most other slot games that you will play today. There are a total of 7 different reels in this slot game and each one has three symbols in it. That means that you’ll have a whole bunch of symbols on the screen and that this slot has a very rectangular look to it. That means it is a bit more difficult to play on mobile screens and more narrow displays, but the slot still has a lot going for it.

Difficult Winning Big Prizes

While it’s pretty cool seeing all the symbols across 7 reels, winning top prizes in this slot is slightly more difficult than doing so on a 5-reel slot game. That’s because in order to unlock these top prize payouts you actually need to get seven symbols lined up in a row rather than 5. That’s more difficult in just about any way that you look at it. If you are trying for the top prize payouts, you would be better off with a standard 5-reel slot, even though you have more opportunities to win small prize payouts with this slot than you do some of the smaller options.

Simple Payouts

Lucky 7’s is designed like a classic slot game, and that means that you’ll want to take a good look at the pay table before you get started playing. All the wins that you will get from this slot game are very straightforward. If you get 7 of the Lucky 7 symbols you’ll unlock the biggest possible win that you can get of 2,500 coins in a single spin. That’s not a huge win by any standards, but it’s still enough to be exciting and worthwhile if you have a large wager in place as you are spinning the reels. Up next is the money bag symbol which is worth 1,000 coins if you can get seven of them. After that is the 777 symbol which is worth 500 coins for seven of them. From there the prizes get much smaller and won’t be as exciting to win.

Simple Play

Lucky 7’s is designed around simplicity and is the perfect slot game for gamblers that don’t want to worry about complicated features or rules. From the moment that you get started with this game you will know what to expect. You can place wagers and unlock prize payouts. There are no wilds, scatters or bonus spins to worry about. That means that you know what you are getting and if you enjoy classic slots then you’ll enjoy this slot game as well.

If you like winning frequently and don’t mind getting smaller payouts for your winnings, you’ll enjoy what Lucky 7’s has to offer. If you want to win big, or you like slot features, special bonuses, wilds and all the other forms of excitement that you get from modern video slots, you will be disappointed in what Lucky 7’s has to offer. It’s a simple slot that pays out large prizes infrequently and offers small prizes most of the time.