Liberty 7's Slots

Liberty 7's is a video slot game from WGS that hands us a patriotic, Red white and blue, American theme within a classic casino atmosphere to create an old-school yet classic and modern-looking game. The bold color scheme of red, white and blue and giant cash rewards can help you reach that good ole american dream of life, liberty and financial freedom that all good men and women deserve.

Oh Say Can You See: Liberty 7’s Slots

Like many games in the WGS portfolio it is built on the classic traditional look and feel the the old school slot machine. The paytable, flashing buttons and classic symbols all gives Liberty 7’s Slots and fun, fast paced, entertaining gameplay. The basic game play lies with the 3 reel, single payline setup. Yout have to be an expert to play Liberty 7’s slots. And if you are just starting our in the video gaming world this is the perfect title to learn the slots. Combinations landing on that payline will trigger a cash prize, which is determined by the nature of the symbols and the size of your wager.

The control console across the bottom of the screen below the reels gives you control of your wager how many coins you want to bet and there is a control to view the paytable, go into auto play mode, change the number of coins you want to bet and play max and of course the spin reel button.

The American Dream: Liberty 7’s Slots

As far as the coins, you can bet either 1, 2 or 3 coins at a time. This will adjust the paytable to show you your possible payouts. With the Play Max button the game will automatically place the highest bet possible on the next spin.

The symbols presented of the reels all fit into the American color scheme. The symbols in Liberty 7’s slots are the Bar Signs, and those can come in single, double or triple size. Then you have the large seven, which give you the biggests payouts.

The combination with any red, any blue and any white symbol on the payline is still considered a winning combination and will pay a modest reward. The same goes for the sevens. The biggest wins of the game come with the right combinations of sevens: One of each color aligned just right. For a 3-coin bet, this combination is worth no less than 10,000 times your initial wager.