Double Gold Slots

Double Gold Slots
Gamblers that are all about winning big and living large should be able to appreciate Double Gold the classic slot game. This slot is focused on gold, riches, cash and that distinct classic slot look from the old days with pull lever slots before online gambling was ever a thing. If you're looking for an old-school classic slot game, with a few modern features, Double Gold could be just the slot for you.

Three Coin Wagering

Double Gold is a flexible slot that allows gamblers to place one to three coins on the single payline of the game. These coins can be adjusted for value as well to take the wager from less than $1.00 all the way up to $30.00. That's a good range to work within and it will keep things interesting for gamblers of all different levels. No matter what amount of money you are comfortable wagering, you should be able to find a bet that works for you with Double Gold, unless you are a high roller that wants to wager hundreds of dollars on every spin.

A Multiplier Wild

Double Gold features a wild symbol that can be used to help complete all sorts of prize combinations. The wild isn't going to help you win every time that it shows up, but when it does it will multiply your prize winnings by two for each wild that's out there. So if you have a single wild and two matching symbols, you'll get double the prize amount for those symbols. If you have two wilds and another symbol, you'll get four times the prize amount. The most exciting of all is when you get three wilds in Double Gold. That triggers the top prize payout of this slot game which is between 800 and 2,500 coins. The pay out ranges based on the number of coins that you are wagering, which is why it's best to wager three coins with every spin whenever you can.

The Cherry Scatter

To make things even more interesting. Double Gold works in a cherry scatter symbol. This symbol can show up anywhere and it doesn't even matter if it's on the payline for the game. When you get a single cherry symbol, you'll get a payout from the game every single time. The payout is 2, 4 or 6 coins, depending on the number that you are wagering at the time. This scatter will help you collect prize payouts more frequently.

Mixing and Matching BAR Symbols

There are three different types of BAR symbols, which can make it seem like it's difficult to unlock BAR based prizes, but all the symbols will actually help you earn prizes more frequently. That's because there is a 5, 10 or 15 coin prize payout when you get three of any of the BAR symbols on the payline of this slot. That means you'll be receiving quite a few BAR payouts while you play through the rounds, and it's all because of how many different BAR symbols you'll commonly see while playing.

It's Easy

The last thing that we noticed about Double Gold is that this slot game is really easy to play. Other than setting up the wager amount, there's nothing to worry about with the slot. You simply play through the rounds of the game and watch for prizes spelled out on the payline. Sure it takes a minute to figure out that any BAR symbol combination will pay out a prize, and you'll have to learn about the scatter Cherries, but other than that you have a lot of winning opportunities with this slot and it's simple to get started with.

If you're looking for a classic slot game with an old-school feel to it, Double Gold is worth testing out. It might not be the right option for everyone, but there are plenty of gamblers that will enjoy the game.