Cash Grab Slots

Cash Grab is an online classic slot game that's all about winning as much cash as you possibly can. It has a pretty standard layout and symbols that you've probably seen on a number of other classic slots in the past, but other than that there's a lot to like about this slot game. Keep reading through our review and you'll quickly know whether or not this slot is right for you and if you should give it a try or not.

Coin Based Betting

Like the classic slots of old, in Cash Grab you place wagers relying on coins. There are between one and three coins that you can bet per round of the game and there's a single payline that you'll try and get all the different prizes on. The more coins you wager, the bigger the prizes are that you'll receive. You can choose how much coins are worth as well, with a maximum wager being as high as $30.00 with $10 coins, and a minimum wager being much more modest at less than $1.00 per spin with low coin values or fewer coins wagered.

Wilds Double Prizes

The first thing that we noticed while playing Cash Grab is that wilds double prizes that they are involved in making. Get a single wild and two matching symbols and their value just doubled. Get a single symbol and two wilds and you'll get 4 times the symbols value. Using wilds you can get some really impressive prize winning combinations and it's always exciting when one or more of the symbols shows up on that center payline.

Winning the Top Jackpot

Cash Grab isn't a huge progressive jackpot like some of the classic slot games are, so the leading jackpot amount isn't life changing, but it's large enough to make the slot worth playing and a single big win could completely turn your day around. By getting three of the wild symbols on the central reel you'll unlock the top prize of Cash Grab, which is a whopping 800 coins times the number of coins that you wagered up to 2,400 coins. That's a nice cash prize for anyone, especially if you have the wager amount set high.

There's a Bonus Round

There is a special bonus round in Cash Grab that you can trigger by getting a single bonus symbol. Get the symbol and you'll automatically be brought to the special bonus round. During the round you'll have to pick one of the available options, and if you choose right you'll be awarded a nice instant cash payout. It's simple to do, but it helps make the slot a bit more interesting.

Cash Grab is a simple classic slot with decent jackpot payouts and a theme that most gamblers will be comfortable with. Toss in the multiplier wilds and the bonus round and you get an interesting gambling experience that can be a whole lot of fun. It's worth trying out for some gamblers and that's exactly why the slot game is so popular today.