Black Magic Slots

Black Magic is a creepy online video slot that's themed after all the different types of black magic out there. It's the perfect game for Halloween and promises quite a few features as well. Read on to see all that we experienced while reviewing this slot game and to learn whether or not it's a game that's worth trying.


A lot of thought should go into your wager on Black Magic slots. That's because there are plenty of different options to pick and choose from. It's important to select a bet level that you are comfortable with, but to avoid betting too low where you won't win a prize that you're excited about. There are 25 paylines, and you can turn them on and off. Each line can be set from $0.01 to $5.00 in value, so you can risk between $0.01 and $125.00 per spin in Black Magic. That's a lot of options to choose from, and that's why it's so important to really think about what you are going to do with the slot game.

A Creepy Atmosphere

Black Magic goes the extra mile to really look creepy and to stand out to players that enjoy the Halloween themed genre of slot games. There are snakes, spiders, owls, tombstones, skulls, a deep black sky backdrop, a somewhat creepy witch and plenty of other careful accents that help this game to stand out. It's a good game to play around Halloween to celebrate that time of the year, but it's also just a fun experience for gamblers that are looking for something a bit spooky to play.

Three Ways to Win Big

There are three different payouts worth going over here. The first, and most important of all is the witch symbol. The witch is the wild and will help complete a range of prize payouts. This symbol is also the most valuable and will trigger the jackpot payout of 6,000 coins if you get five of them. Even four of the symbols will reward you with 1,000 coins, which is still a pretty huge amount of cash if you're betting big. After the witch symbol comes the scatters. The scatters are the key to triggering the Black Magic feature of the game, but they also pay out nicely if you get enough of them. Four scatters will pay out 10x your entire bet amount which could be as much as $1,250 if you're betting big. If you manage to get five scatters you're looking at 100x your bet amount or as much as $12,250. Finally there is the crystal necklace symbol. This glowing jewel is worth up to 1,000 coins if you get five of them which is a serious amount as well.

The Black Magic Feature

Getting three or more of the scatter symbols is all it takes to unlock the Black Magic feature of Black Magic. In this feature you have six different crystal symbols to choose from. The ones you decide on will determine the prizes that you end up with so choose carefully.

A Simple Auto Play

Most online slot games task you with choosing how many spins to go through with the auto spin feature, that's not how it works in Black Magic. Instead you just press the auto spin button and the slot will keep going until you stop it. It will pause occasionally for really big wins, but will keep on going on its own if you don't stop it after a few seconds. The game will gladly keep turning for as long as you keep the setting active, so be sure to remember to cancel the feature or you could blow through your entire bankroll without even noticing.

Black Magic is a good creepy online slot game and it offers some cool features that make it fun to play. The top prize for this slot is pretty decent, especially if you're willing to bet big, and many serious gamblers try out the game for all that it has to offer.