Tarot Treasure Slots

Tarot Treasure is an online slot game themed after Tarot card readings. It features some pretty cool symbols, and offers decent features as well to slot players looking for something fun and exciting to experience. We fully reviewed this slot game and were impressed by what we saw. Read on to learn more about Tarot Treasure.

A Good Sized Betting Range

Tarot Treasure offers a good betting range for gamblers to work within. If you decide to give this slot game a try, make sure to really consider the lower and upper betting ranges of this game. There's a lot to like about Tarot Treasure, but the flexibility in the wagering system is one of its best attributes. At the low end you can wager a minimum of $0.01 per spin on one line of Tarot Treasure. At the high end you can wager up to $10.00 per line, all the way up to $250 total on every single spin of the reels that you make. That's a lot of flexibility and a good sized range for you to work within.

The Gypsy Wagon Jackpot

The Gypsy Wagon symbol is the highest paying symbol of Tarot Treasure and it will help you get some seriously good payouts with a bit of luck. Get five of these symbols on the reels of the slot and you'll get 10,000 coins. That's a whole lot of cash, especially if you're making a larger wager while playing this slot game.

Use Wilds to your Advantage

The Romany symbol is a powerful wild that you can use to your advantage to win more prizes as you play through the rounds of Tarot Treasure. The wild shows up on reels 2, 3 and 4, so it can't create prize winning combinations on its own, but it will help you trigger more prizes with other random symbols on the reels. Not only that, but the wild symbol is also the key to the bonus round of Tarot Treasure.

The Bonus Round

The bonus round of Tarot Treasure comes in the form of six Tarot cards for you to pick through. You choose three of those six cards and you'll get prizes for each of the cards that you choose. All the card values are added up and they're multiplied by your wager amount to get a final value for Tarot Treasure in the end.

Free Spins

Tarot Treasure comes with a special free spin round that can be triggered by getting three or more of the scattered Tarot wheels. Do that and you'll get 10 free spins where any prizes won are tripled in size. That's a lot of extra money to be won and it means that you could win as much as 30,000 coins from a single spin during the free spin round of the game.

Tarot Treasure is a fun slot game with a mystical side to it. If you enjoy Tarot readings, or you just want to play a slot game with decent bonuses and some cool symbols, this is the one to try out.