Win Place or Show Slots

Win, Place or Show is a horse-racing themed classic slot game. This slot is designed to be simple in nature, but it offers quite a bit in terms of prizes. The slot has a nice clean look to it, with a lush green horse racing venue in the background, and it shows off a series of symbols, some of which relate to horse racing, while others are just standard classic slot symbols we’ve grown used to. Read on for our complete review of this simple slot game and what it has to offer.

Limited Betting Options

Most modern-day classic slots offer loads of wagering options when it comes time to start the game. Win, Place or Show isn’t like that. This slot game gives you minimal options to choose from. You can bet between one and three coins on the payline, but the coin value is always going to be the same, $0.50 each. That means you can wager between $0.50 and $1.50 per spin with this slot.

A Massive Progressive Jackpot

One of the first things that we noticed while playing Win, Place or Show is the huge progressive jackpot payout that the game offers. This slot seriously will pay out tens of thousands of dollars to the lucky player that is able to trigger the payout. Sure not everyone is going to win, but if you manage to get three of the trophy symbols and you’re wagering three coins, you’ll unlock the huge jackpot prize. This prize only grows larger over time, and can be really massive if you win it at the right moment. This is an exceptional feature on a slot game that’s so affordable to play. Gamblers looking to get huge wins with as little money as possible, should play Win, Place or Show, because there’s a lot of cash at stake for such a limited $1.50 wager.

Simple Gambling at its Best

Win, Place or Show is an excellent slot game that doesn’t go crazy with all the different options to choose from. From the minute that you get started with this slot gaming experience, you’ll have just a few options to worry about, and there are no special features or games that you have to go through while you play. That makes things very easy, and you’ll always know what you are doing when you play Win, Place or Show, which makes the game a relaxing experience for many gamblers out there.

Win, Place or Show is a nice horse racing themed slot game that’s interesting and at least worth a look if you like gambling in general. It’s simple in design, keeps the wagers really low, and offers some huge potential wins. These three things together make the game a fun experience that’s worth having.